A Collaborative Landscape Of Digital And Print Platforms

Pushed by a variety of innovations, digital platform continues to evolve into groundbreaking new technologies like video contents, virtual reality, automated reporting, etc. Every one of us often gets news online as digital has become a prominent medium. There is no doubt about print newspapers still being relatively popular among older generations, but very few millennial populations say they regularly read physical newspapers. Even those older generations, who rely on print newspapers, often read news on digital platform.

Now the news media landscape is a heterogeneous ground for both print and digital mediums. A key finding at the Online News Association Conference in Washington DC showed that nearly twice as many adults (38 percent) often get news online than they get news in print (20 percent). Smart phones have become a preferred device for digital news. The conference revealed that people in America who get news on mobile device has gone up from 54 percent in 2013 to 72 percent today. The same could happen soon in India where print newspapers still gain popularity.

Now every news publisher or media house in India is gradually cultivating a culture of adopting digital platform. In this respect, Digital Media India (DMI) 2020 Conference at New Delhi, in its 9th edition this year, will offers publishers the whole gamut of ideas and innovations to run digital media business effectively, engagingly and profitably. When print continues to bring in its share of revenue, now is crucial time for news media houses to make wise moves on the digital front, securing the future.

The two days of the conference will highlight some secret ingredients to make journalism work in digital space. The event will bring you inspiring ideas, interesting case studies and successful business models that will take you closer to digital transformation under the theme ‘Going Big in Digital’. The sessions in the conference will have discussions around digital advertising, alternate revenue streams, technology and digital journalism, online video, digital transformation, among many other thoughtful analyses and discourses.

When the new digital platform has come into the scene, there are certain transformations taking place in the landscape of news media. An immense transformation will be in the newsroom. We all know that newsroom culture is a deep-rooted structure and it will be quite a challenge for any news media house to tackle in the process of transformation when switching to a whole new digital platform. DMI 2020 will be a right place for learning how to drive such change and many other changing phases with successful strategies to do it.

Another aspect in today’s digital era is to form networks among publishers. They must come together to jointly sell digital ad inventory and set up syndication team. Content syndication is an age-old business, but perfected only by a few. With tons of content produced by publishers every day, not all make incremental revenue for them, often due to the limitation of reach of their own sites. Content syndication offers excellent source of revenue and leading consumer brands are investing more budgets in such content. This will be another key learning at DMI 2020.

Let’s be there at DMI 2020 to align with overall new strategies!

SM Dutt

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