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More KBA Commanders for China
Dazhong Daily Newspaper Group has placed an order with KBA for a two-section Commander press line to print the Dazhong Daily, one of the most popular provincial newspapers in China with a weekday circulation of 400,000 copies.

The 4/2 press line, which will have a maximum rated output of 170,000 full-colour 32pp copies per hour, can handle web widths of 1,720mm (67.75in), 1,562mm (61.5in) and 1,440mm (56.7in), adjustable automatically on the fly to accommodate a wide range of different products. It will comprise four Pastomat reelstands, four blanket-to-blanket towers, four turner bars, two folder superstructures with two formers apiece, and two KF 5 jaw folders. Automated features include: colour and cut-off register control, cylinder washing, ink pumping, a RIP interface and Print software for job scheduling and press presetting. The press will be controlled from four EAE consoles. New Schur mailroom technology will also be installed.


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