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Stepping into the
future with Ferag technology

Owing to Ferag postpress processing technology, Druckzentrum Nordsee in Bremerhaven is accessing new markets. The weekday Nordsee-Zeitung and weekly Sonntags journal in Rhine format are, along with other titles, one aspect of production while another is supplements and semicommercials between DIN A4 and Berlin format printed in full-colour on the same, variable-width offset newspaper press.

The Ferag mailroom line is also configured for the Sunday newspaper, into which millions of supplements are inserted into up to twenty different zoned sections. The line has been conceived for subsequent proof-printing and production of four sub-editions of the daily newspaper.

Ferag mailroom equipment includes a MultiSertDrum, two RollStream precollecting systems incorporating twelve JetFeeder hoppers, as well as a slimmed-down MultiDisc solution with tandem winding and unwinding stations.


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