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Goss M-600 press automation
and efficiency clinch deal for Berger, Austria

Leading magazine printer, Ferdinand Berger & Söhne, is set to install a Goss M-600 press at their new printing facility in Horn, Austria. This best selling 16-page press for Berger will print up to 65,000 impressions per hour, being specified with a 625 mm cut-off and a single-chopper JF-65 SQF folder. Each unit will also be equipped with Goss Autoplate fully automatic plate changing technology, which is already proven on 1,800 Goss printing units in operation worldwide.

“We have two M-600 presses operating at our existing facility in Horn, so we are familiar with its excellent print quality. We specified the new press with the JF­65 folder and Autoplate technology because we were looking for the latest advancements in productivity and automation. After seeing all features of the M-600 press demonstrated comprehensively, our decision was confirmed. The press ran at maximum speed with an excellent makeready time. With ever growing demand from our customers for numerous version changes and short runs, this press suits our requirements perfectly and it has a perfect price to performance ratio,” commented Ferdinand Berger, general manager and shareholder.

“The new Goss JF-65 SQF folder is ideal for a company like Berger with a high number of different jobs that all demand excellent print quality. With just one chopper to adjust, the folder is extremely consistent and accurate from the first copy to the last. Eliminating the necessity for two choppers additionally means less setting, easier access and less maintenance, maximizing the functionality of the M-600 press,” added Jean-Claude Pautrat, product management director at Goss International.    

Founded in 1868 with headquarters in Horn, Berger is still a family business, growing with the fourth and fifth generations of the family managing the company. Apart from having staff of over 250 individuals at the printing facility in Horn, the company also has a sales office in Vienna. In addition to the high-quality magazine production for which the company is renowned, Berger has a diverse product portfolio, from premium quality books, brochures, and catalogues to leaflets and direct mail products.


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