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Enterprise 6 content publishing
platform from WoodWing now available

WoodWing Software has released Enterprise 6, the latest version of the company’s flagship content publishing platform. New content planning and web delivery tools lead the feature set of this major upgrade.

Equipped with a new editing application called Content Station, Enterprise 6 offers article planning tools, direct access to any type of content repository, and integrated web delivery functionality. Content Station allows users to efficiently create articles for delivery to the web, print, and mobile devices, and provides out-of-the-box integration with the open-source web content management system Drupal.

Other features in Enterprise 6 address print industry-specific needs in InDesign, such as jumping articles from one page or document to another, a plug-in called Smart Image that automates importing of XMP metadata from images into text frames, and the ability to save InDesign documents as Layout Modules which can have their own workflow and be reused in multiple layouts.

“We’ve always separated layout from content, but we now separate content from publications. Our competitors still follow a single channel model in their products, believing that an XML export makes a solution cross-media. In Enterprise 6, publication channels are native concepts, each with an associated publishing system. Major internal changes to the system have been made to allow for this radical new approach,” said Erik Schut, president of WoodWing.


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