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Stitching provides better navigation to newspapers
- Dr Mario García
Today, when navigation becomes more and more of an important factor in newspaper marketing, and always of making the paper more attractive for the readers and advertisers must be addressed, stitching is a quick and economical road to travel, said Dr Mario García, one of the World’s most renowned and experienced news designers based in Tampa (Florida), who has been involved in almost 600 news design projects travelling to 87 countries all over the world.

“In this age with declining newspaper circulation, stitching is one of the tools to attract the ‘new’ as well as those impatient readers who want to go directly to an interesting article, instead of flipping from page to page patiently as their grandparents once did. Also when there is a question of trying to read a newspaper in a confined space like in an aeroplane,” underlined Dr Mario.

“Most editors are trying to be green and to join the ecological brigade but for an example; looking at a New York subway station; one can see newspaper pages all over the place. And this is in a time when stitching could drastically reduce the amount of waste. There are all the good reasons to stitch newspapers, among them a more effective and better navigation with distinct sections which benefits both the reader and the advertiser. Instead of a big mess of pages the reader will find a neatly hold together newspaper that has a longer lifetime, which will encourage both at second and third reading. And all this to a very reasonable investment cost,” concluded Dr García.


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