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NELA strengthens
its position, acquires OMCS

One of the world’s largest suppliers of optical register systems for offset printing plates and corresponding plate automation systems, NELA has strengthened its market position by acquiring the entire product range of OMCS Optical Measurement in Dessau, Germany. OMCS is a leader in the field of optical surface inspection systems for the industrial examination of rubber, polymer and ceramic parts.

“This acquisition is a strategic move and it combines the latest and most powerful technologies in an ideal way with our expertise in the field of optical inspection systems,” stated NELA president Frank Neumeister. This combination of know-how in the areas of machine building and optical inspection technology for 2D and 3D applications allows for an enhancement of NELA’s technological leadership in its traditional markets newspaper printing, web commercial and sheet-fed printing. The effective development of OMCS’s fields of business offers great potential for further growth of the NELA group. The automated and touch-less inspection of mass parts and composite materials offers many business opportunities as industry requirements for precise, gapless and fully automated inspection of entire batches considerably. “I am specially impressed by the flexibility and the precision of engineering and mechanical assembly at NELA,” added Klaus Widmann, former president of OMCS and future director Optical Inspection Systems with NELA.


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