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OneVision’s Amendo
equipped with new features

Germany-based OneVision, a global provider of prepress and premedia software solutions to the printing and publishing industries, announced the availability of new features for its Amendo software, which examines, adjusts and enhances photos automatically and within seconds. Intuitive and easy to use, Amendo provides printers and publishers with professional-quality image enhancement and colour correction that can significantly reduce the time and effort needed to process images and reduce time to press.

Now Amendo has new features that are designed to make it easier and faster for users to optimize image files. Amendo Interactive is now compatible for use with Macs running OS X10.5 or greater. With new image assignment options, supervisors can assign an image to a specific user or technician within the organization when manual image correction is desired. And because of new preset functionality, users can save individual image enhancement settings, which can be reused in various workflows using Amendo.

Rather than modifying an entire image, Amendo adjusts individual elements of the image as needed to produce better results. Apart from improving sharpness, it enhances brightness and contrasts, shadows and highlights, and colours. After an image is optimised, users can easily compare the original and the newly enhanced images to have a full visual record of the enhancement process prior to further processing. When additional manual intervention is desired, the original image can be easily exported into third-party applications or enhanced by the user directly using Amendo.

“In an ideal world, all images would be ready to enter the production cycle. But in reality, a high percentage of images require additional attention before they can be used. When printers and publishers must handle hundreds or sometimes even thousands of photos in a matter of days, automating the image correction process is critical. That is why Amendo is designed to handle contrast and colour adjustments. Now, we have added numerous enhancements that will help reduce the time needed to prepare files for prints,” stated Volker Weigert, product manager at OneVision. The company’s software is used by many of the world’s leading publishers as well as commercial and digital printing companies in more than sixty countries.


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