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Mitsubishi demonstrates
world’s first epoch-making operation

-unveils simultaneous printing of two different
products on one Diamondspirit press with Printplex
Using Mitsubishi’s popular Diamondspirit 4 x 1 newspaper offset press equipped with the Printplex function, the live demonstrations unveiled the simultaneous printing of two different products on one press during a two-day Open House recently organised by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries at their Paper & Printing Machinery Division in Hiroshima, Japan, which drew more than 100 visitors from newspaper publishers across the country. The event’s focus was on epoch-making Printplex.

The Diamondspirit press with Printplex was configured with two T44 tower units, two T22 tower units, one double rotary 2:2 folder and four RTP. Each live press demo began with a routine 28-page newspaper production run at maximum speed. After the press was shut down, plate changes and webbing for two different products – a 24-page job and 4-page job – were initiated. The next aspect of the demonstration began with the 24-page production run at the speed of 70,000 cph, followed by the start-up of the 4-page job running at 50,000 cph. With the two jobs running simultaneously, both independent productions were slowed and then stopped individually. Each demonstration was performed flawlessly and all in attendance lauded this world’s first, epoch-making operation.

Mitsubishi’s exclusive Printplex has been compared to the multi-screen cinema concept or cineplex, where maximum utilisation – seating in the case of the theater and printing units in the case of the press – is achieved. It offers newspaper publishers a number of unique advantages designed to turn production plants into viable production centers. Topping this list is the wider degree of production flexibility afforded in running two different products at the same time. Production costs and time savings are also realised by utilising printing units during the simultaneous printing of two-product run that might otherwise be idle.

With Printplex, the possibility of reducing the number of press lines in a multiple press production plant becomes a real possibility. And when investment costs are considered, the outlay for a double folder is considerably less than for two independent folders. The main technologies surrounding Printplex involves independent drives for the operation side and drive sides of the folder; balloon former, with a second RTF; a patent-pending independent speed control and operation panel controls within the same press.

The Diamondspirit with Printplex highlighted at the Open House is one of four press lines scheduled for delivery to Nikkan Sports Printing in Tokyo. The presses are slated to commence commercial operations beginning with the first line in April 2009 and the fourth in September 2010.


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