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Newslight 36 at PRINTPACK India 2017

Latest from PRAKASH Web Offset, a leading Indian manufacturer of versatile web offset presses, is Newslight 36, a single width and single circumference press, to be launched at the PRINTPACK India 2017. Here’s a spotlight on this new PRAKASH web offset press capable to run at the maximum speed of 36,000 iph.

All controls in the new PRAKASH Newslight 36 are based on programmable logic controller (PLC) for ease of operation, which eventually makes the press capable to reduce make-ready time and improve productivity. Newslight 36 is suitably designed for printing newspapers, supplements, textbooks, magazines and others. Of the several added features in the press, its short web path ensures excellent print quality, reducing waste and providing an excellent price-performance ratio.

“Newslight 36 incorporates high quality gears and precision bearings mounted on high grade stress-relieved cast iron which is engineered on top quality CNC machines,” said Saurabh Gupta, director, PRAKASH Web Offset Pvt Ltd. He added that these added features of the press together with the short vertical web lead help to ensure stable colour registration in all colours.

Newslight 36 printing units are available in H units and mono units. To print 4+4, tower configuration with two H units being stacked on top of each other is the most suitable layout. Tower configuration in the press is also available to print 4+1 and 4+2.

Standard features

Newslight 36 is attributed with standard features, which conventional presses don’t have. The features include: Bearers on all cylinders; Motorised lateral and circumferential register; 8 RCR in tower; 7 roller ink train with 2 ink form rollers; Pneumatic on/off control for ink, dampener and impression; Contact less brush dampening system for easy maintenance; Fan out control; 915mm web width; Jaw folder 2:2 or 2:2:2; Shear pin in folder for safety; Press speed tracking ductor roller; Remote diagnostic feature; Heavy duty compensator; Variable speed water pick up pan roller; Automatic lubrication system; Slit type plate lock up system; Tennon type blanket lock up system; and Rilsan coated ink oscillators and scoring rollers.

Options available

A set of technical options are available in Newslight 36—mentionable among them are: Auto registration and Auto cut off control system; Spray dampening system; Footprint or Unit Shaftless drive system; Remote inking with CIP capability; Motorised ink duct roller for ink curve; Web threading system; Stainless steel cylinders; Glass purlin leading rollers; Infeed and outfeed system; UV dryer package; and 3 ink form rollers.

Web presses from PRAKASH Web Offset are designed for multiple purposes, meeting the needs of printing firms in diverse segments viz. newspaper, book or semi-commercial printing, etc. The company has been playing an incredible role in boosting business of newspaper houses and publishing firms in India and abroad with constant introduction of cost-effective presses, such as Newslight 36! Catch the live demo of the new press at PRINTPACK India 2017 (Hall 3 and 14, Stall B-11, G-26, G28) organising from February 04-08 at India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, Delhi-NCR. For enquiries, call on: 08287555666 or write-in at:

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