Elite Infosoft:
re-inventing essence of workflow and processes

Technology has made printing a newspaper every day with multiple pages, news and information much simpler than it used to be. A software company based in Pune is virtually re-inventing the very essence of workflow and processes for newspapers and other media, making every aspect of pre production and archiving simple and efficient. Elite Infosoft’s CEO Yusuf Dewaswala spoke exclusively to Ritu Goyal Harish of All About Newspapers in Pune recently.
Started just in the year 2009, Elite Infosoft has been serving some of major media houses across the country. “We are constantly trying to emphasise to the media companies that complete digitisation of their workflow, archiving, etc will improve productivity and reduce effort,” said Yusuf Dewaswala. From big clients like the Malayala Manorama Group based in Kerala to the Sakaal Group of Publications in Pune, the company also has stalwarts like The Tribune, Herald and Lokmat in their enviable client list.“To all these companies we have offered our solution SmartNews which is an editorial and archival workflow system that is very user friendly with easy and customised UI (user interface),” revealed Dewaswala.

Cutting across barriers of font and language was the company’s earliest challenge. “Our product stores all content in Unicode and XML which can be translated easily to the required medium and also published directly,” he added. The archiving software developed by the company has also found takers within the industry. “At Malayala Manorama we are working on bringing 20-30 years of archives to their popular online edition which is also integrated on an Elite platform,” informed Dewaswala. The company has also recently undertaken the archiving activity of Saam TV, a subsidiary of the Sakaal group.

Speaking about the challenges of integrating videos of news-clips as an easily viewable archive, Dewaswala said, “The files had to be easily retrievable according to key word search, and also small in size for easily on line streaming/viewing. We have managed to give them a solution that will ease all such problems.” The company also believes that the automatic archiving feature of its software is beneficial because it will avoid later time and expense on the same. “For all media, our software can automatically archive the content based on metadata,” he said. Also the solution offered by Elite ensures that the search for archives does not require fixed or predetermined parameters for search. “All published content becomes searchable, with an advanced search option also available,” he added.

The company is also actively developing a transliteration module for the Malayala Manorama website wherein all content including archives will be searchable and viewable in Malayalam and English languages. Also on the cards is a Lite version of SmartNews that will enable reporters on the beat to file stories from their mobile phones by SMS and also access their workflow from any browser. “This will save reporters the time that they need to come to office from the site and file their stories. Through SMS they can directly log in their stories into the system which will then be edited and published. The story will also get automatically archived,” said Dewaswala.

Developing cutting edge technology seems to be the easy part but selling becomes the tough part. Admits Dewaswala that most Indian media houses are unwilling to take that extra step to improve processes and help engage a net savvy end user. “For them money is important and what we also do is suggest them to implement the system within their intranet to gauge the benefits and the return on investment (ROI) and then go to the web,” he revealed.

In the two years of its existence, Elite Infosoft has grown substantially with few high profile collaborations (on the cards) with global media solution providers which will open the global gateway for their innovation. “Though as of now, we are busy in servicing our existing clients and offering them the best solutions. We also have plans to expand to the Gulf region next year,” Dewaswala signs off.


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