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Extensive automation for the most
future-safeguarded workplace in newspaper

“manroland’s COLORMAN autoprint is exactly the right press for printing freaks,” says Harald Blendowski, technical manager at the Mannheimer Morgen newspaper in Germany, gazing with pride at the product running through the press, and being very enthusiastic about this system. With the extensive automation, something priceless has returned for him in the daily routine of printing: stability and tranquility.
The COLORMAN autoprint series marks the beginning of a generation change in newspaper presses. This development also changes the printer’s job profile: from an operator to a monitor of the production process. As is the case with every generation change, there are ardent supporters as well as skeptics. “Operation of the press has changed dramatically,” explains Georg Riescher, executive vice president, newspaper printing systems business unit at manroland. “The job of printers and operators is much easier to manage today.”

With a range of options that provide the highest degree of automation on the market, and a host of further groundbreaking developments, the COLORMAN autoprint is presently by far the most operator-friendly newspaper printing system. The design of the press not only relieves the operator of numerous worksteps, but all manual tasks are ergonomically optimized as well. Moreover, since the operator is in a separate room from the press during production, noise pollution is avoided.

Due to the high level of automation provided by the COLORMAN autoprint, the operator’s time-consuming routine tasks are a thing of the past. Its design reduces legwork and provides optimal ergonomics for work at the printing units. A high-performance lift platform located directly at the control console for transporting people and materials accelerates plate supply without steps, and saves the time otherwise needed for lifting and lowering materials at each individual printing tower. This simplifies extensive maintenance work in particular.

The automated plate transport system APL logistics permits the cassettes for the APL robot to be loaded in a soundproof room. Other patented key technologies for consistently high print quality include: sensors directly in the plate cylinder continually measure the cylinder temperature and regulate the fountain solution feed during production (InlineDampening Control); a control circuit for permanently constant web tension (InlineTension Control); roller bearings that automatically compensate for heat expansion of the inking/dampening unit rollers (IROLOC) and thus contribute to sustainability and reduce maintenance and wear; and a long inking unit for greater storage capacity and the most constant density.

Operation from the control console also has fundamentally changed. The new manroland control console offers by far the most integrated functions but is easier to operate than ever before. The fully automated printing process needs much fewer operating elements because the portrayal of the autoprint sequences and the function selection is clearly arranged, and the control console reliably guides the operator through the production process like a navigation system.

Notably, a visit to the manroland Print Technology Center in Augsburg is the best way for printers to find out how operator-friendly the COLORMAN autoprint really is, and how their workplace can look like in the future.


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