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WAN-IFRA India 2011
conference and expo poised
to open doors in Chennai

  • More than 65 exhibitors confirmed to participate in the expo
  • Media Port workshop sessions introduced for the first time at the expo
  • Over 500 delegates to the conference and more than 2,000 quality visitors to the expo expected

The second largest expo in the world for trends and practices in newspaper printing and publishing industry, WAN-IFRA India 2011 Conference and Expo is all set to be held in Chennai for the third time, during September 6-8. The entire newspaper production workflow will be represented with vendors from India and abroad on press, prepress, postpress, publishing systems and digital media domains. More than 65 leading exhibitors to the newspaper printing and publishing industry are to participate in the expo, including ABB, Baldwin, EAE, Goss, KBA, manroland, Manugraph, TPH, TKS, WIFAG, Krause, Technova, 4Cplus, Adobe, Binuscan, Quark, QuadTech, Scoopshot, PPI Media, OneVision, Prakash Webtech, etc.

The expo will feature ‘Media Port’, a programme of lectures to complement the expo visit. Modelled on the successful ‘Media Port’ concept of IFRA Expo in Europe, the Media Port in WAN-IFRA India 2011 Expo will have five quick learning workshops, focussing on current business and publishing trends in print and digital media. The workshops planned at the Media Port include: Semi commercial printing (Sep 6), Print quality & materials management and Digital media publishing (Sep 7), Multimedia journalism and Simulated press training (Sep 8). Notably, WAN-IFRA recently started simulated press training facility at its Research & Material Testing Centre in Chennai. Demonstrations and quick preview programmes on the press simulator will be another attraction at the expo.

WAN-IFRA India 2011 Conference will accompany the expo all the three days at the same venue. The conference will have three parallel programmes – Printing Summit, Newsroom Summit and Crossmedia Advertising Summit. There will be conference translation from English to Hindi in the Printing Summit and the Newsroom Summit. The keynote speaker of the conference is Christoph Riess, CEO of WAN-IFRA. Jacob Mathew, president of WAN-IFRA will give the presidential address at the inaugural session.

“The industry is looking forward to the expo as it happens after the recessionary conditions have eased out. We expect more than 500 delegates to the conference and more than 2,000 quality visitors to the expo,” commented Magdoom Mohamed, managing director – South Asia of WAN-IFRA South Asia.

Baldwin marks 500+
spray bar installations in India

- to promote spray dampening systems at WAN-IFRA India 2011

Having invented the technology and partnered with major OEM customers, Baldwin has long been a supplier of spray dampening internationally (Over 40,000 spray bars worldwide). In India leading newspaper groups like Deccan Chronicle, ABPL, Daily Thanthi, Printers Mysore and DNA are using Baldwin spray dampening on their GOSS, KBA, WIFAG and SEIKEN presses for many years. Baldwin India has also installed the COBRA spray dampening system on 52 towers of Manugraph Citiline at various JPL locations, HiLine presses at The Printers Mysore and KK Machinery’s Ronald press at Rajasthan Patrika. 64+ towers, with the first one installed over a year ago.

"Significant savings in paper, ink, fountain solution, electricity and maintenance all add up to justify installing Baldwin spray dampening on a new press or retrofitting on an existing press. Baldwin’s industry leading valve and nozzle technology coupled with the anti-clogging CONSTANT C feature ensure smooth and safe production with substantial savings", conveys Samil Bandhu Gupta at Baldwin India.

One can visit at WAN-IFRA India 2011 in Chennai from September 6-8 or at WAN-IFRA Expo 2011 in Vienna from October 10-12 to discuss more about spray dampening with the company’s Indian and international experts.

Muller Martini at
WAN- IFRA Expo India 2011, Chennai

NewsGrip A
Marking their effective presence as an exhibitor at Stand 1.520 of the IFRA Expo India 2011 to be held during September 06-08 at Chennai Trade Center, Muller Martini (India) Pvt Ltd shall be displaying their well-established, proven and top of the range products for newspaper industry, viz. the NewsGrip A - single gripper conveyor and the economical Newsveyor side gripper conveyor for efficient transportation of newspapers from press to mailroom.

Newsgrip A, a successful and proven single gripper conveying system, is extremely flexible with various paginations and product sizes, providing speed up to 85,000 copies/h in 1:1 mode and 80,000 copies/h in 2:1 mode. It is very sturdy but at the same time very gentle while picking up copies firmly because of its wide gripper design.

Newsveyor is ergonomic and flexible that long distances or different buildings/floors can be spanned. Available with speed up to 1,20,000 copies an hour, the system is modular hence the products can be fed to various equipments like stackers, inserters or other online processes.

While their Listo stacker is a high performance component within the post press system for bundle processing. With a speed of up to 1,00,000 copies per hour, it processes perfectly stacked and layered bundles. Available with format up to 420 x 300 mm, it handles a broad range of newspapers and commercial products.

For the Indian newspaper industry, rising production costs have necessitated cost-effective and automated mailroom systems. Muller Martini has been providing comprehensive newspaper mailroom solutions for several decades and has come up with innovative systems / machines which help the customers to meet the ever-changing demands of the markets. With a wide range of products like the high end gripper conveyors, state-of-the-art stackers for bundle building lines, film wrappers, under wrappers, in-line trimmers, inserting systems of different speeds which can be tailor made to suit individual customers needs backed by world renowned Muller Martini service support, the company is looking forward to serve and grow with the newspaper industry. At the WAN-IFRA Expo India in Chennai, they will present their innovative and cost-effective solutions tailor made for the special requirements of the Indian market in particular.

QuadTech to showcase press-control
solutions at WAN-IFRA Expo India 2011

The QuadTech colour control and web inspection system with AccuCam.
Under a theme of ‘the colour and inspection experts… moving you forward’, one of the global press control technology leaders QuadTech will demonstrate how its colour control, web inspection, register control and data management systems help newspaper printers significantly reduce waste and boost quality at WAN-IFRA Expo India (Stand 1.245).

QuadTech’s latest technology advancement combines industry-leading colour control and web inspection, all from the same sensor. The QuadTech colour control and web inspection system with AccuCam utilizes a proprietary 6-channel spectral sensor for L*a*b*-based colour control – eliminating the need for colorbars or graybars. The image-based, closed loop system automatically obtains target aim point values from a high-resolution prepress file to maintain accurate colour by automatically adjusting ink keys. The system also automatically controls and optimizes the ink ratchet for superb inking performance, creating better colour, reduced waste and minimized operator intervention. All surfaces are inspected and common print faults such as scumming, blanket smashes, incorrect plates, and color variations are detected.

Getting good response in India

QuadTech-India has remarkable contribution to the achievement regarding MultiCam cameras. “We are already having great achievements in India: till now, we installed around 1,730 MultiCam cameras on newspaper and commercial offset presses across the country. Almost all national English daily newspapers and all leading regional language newspapers are using QuadTech register control systems. Over and above our MultiCam cameras, we do have 1,100 Autotron and RGS cameras for register control for newspaper and commercial presses installed in India. We also have colour register control systems for gravure packaging presses. In this application also, we are leading in India. So far, we have installed 1,600 colour register sensors on around 200 presses in the country,” conveyed Hemant Desai, general manager, QuadTech.
QuadTech’s MultiCam has provided accurate colour-to-colour register, cut-off register and ribbon register to commercial web and newspaper printers in over 100 countries. With over 10,000 cameras installed, MultiCam is the world’s best selling register camera. Register Guidance System, which includes the MultiCam camera, has been enhanced with automated features such as fan-out control, anti-embossing, and front-to-back register control. QuadTech’s fan-out control software automatically keeps the press in lateral register across the full width of the web, throughout the entire run. Register control cameras mounted on both the gear and operator sides of the web capture tiny shifts in lateral register and instantly make automatic corrections via an interface with the bustle wheels. Besides, QuadTech’s Data Central performance reporting module minimizes the likelihood of rebates and reruns by documenting and verifying work quality. The Data Central data storage system, monitoring a host of quality and productivity parameters, allows easy analysis of real-time and historic press performance.

As per Karl Fritchen, president of QuadTech, “Our broader range of product and service solutions is empowering newspaper printers to protect margins and market share. Printers seek ways of achieving more with their capital equipment, through leaner production methods to reduce waste and overheads and higher quality standards. That is why we are dedicated to keeping our customers at the forefront of print quality and cost, not only through a cutting-edge press control technology, but with first-class technical support, round-the-clock, and performance guarantees, for total peace of mind.”

manroland to focus on CROMOMAN
at WAN IFRA India 2011 - Chennai

At the upcoming WAN IFRA India Conference and Expo in Chennai, manroland will showcase its high performance solutions for the newspaper and commercial web printing market in India. The key highlight of the show will be manroland’s newly launched 4-1 web press: CROMOMAN 4-1, which has been specially designed for Indian newspapers.

The CROMOMAN 4-1 has a revolutionary design which reduces initial project expenditures by up to 40 percent. The press has a compact floor mounted design, with H Type printing units and floor mounted reel stands placed parallel to each other with a minimum height requirement of 5.4 metre, easily fitting into existing Indian pressrooms thus eliminating the need for constructing new infrastructure around the press. The press is equipped to run without air conditioning and can tolerate severe power and voltage fluctuations.

“With a wide range of printing technology solutions tailor made for the Indian market, manroland is well equipped to showcase its process competence to the Indian printing industry. At WAN-IFRA India 2011 in Chennai, we will present our comprehensive product portfolio across newspaper and commercial web. We are proud to announce our entry in the pre-owned segment for manroland web presses in India, expanding our product portfolio and offering flexible investment options to our customers,” conveys Anil Bhatia, managing director, manroland India.
The installation period has been significantly reduced and the press has been certified to print on Indian newsprint. The slitting of web on top of printing units combines the advantages of high speed production of 4-1 presses with the ease of handling of a 2-1 press, apart from special features such as web width variability and no web severing in case of power failures. The press components are similar to the existing high performance and proven manroland web presses such as the REGIOMAN and COLORMAN, preferred the world over and also by major Indian newspapers such as Bennett Coleman and Hindustan Times.

In the commercial web sector, manroland will feature its 16 page ROTOMAN HiPrint with the fastest folder in its class and the 32 page heatset commercial web press EUROMAN. The ROTOMAN HiPrint has been designed for the highest print quality at speeds up to 55,000 copies/hour offering an unparalleled cost - performance ratio. The EUROMAN combines efficiency, flexibility and productivity while maintaining high print quality making it the ideal solution for superior quality commercial jobs such as inserts, magazines and supplements. manroland installed the first EUROMAN in the Indian market at Dainik Jagran in 2009.

manroland India has also recently launched its entry in the pre-owned press segment. Customers can now procure pre-owned manroland equipment directly from the company, along with value added services such as installation, spare parts and service requirements.

MGE at WAN-IFRA India 2011

Hydrair installation at Broxbourne, UK where newspapers such as The Times and The Sun are printed.

S Chandna of MGE India is taken through the Hydrair ink system at News International Knowsley site in the UK.
For MGE India who have spent the last two years as a reliable Indian manufacturer and supplier of print ancillary equipments, WAN-IFRA India 2011 event is coming at the perfect time to specifically push on with offering the Indian newspaper industry a growing range of superb ancillary products to complement the web presses enabling printers to get the best out of their presses whilst reducing associated costs.

MGE’s ‘PressMate’ brand of chillers will be on display at the show offering solutions both for single tower web systems right up to large multi-tower high speed web presses. This year has included a few first installations of PressMate chillers on web systems and, in particular, includes MGE’s first fully Indian built 24kW chiller which was recently installed on a multi-tower Orient press in Noida. In addition to chillers, MGE will also be showcasing Hydair’s range of ink pumps and ink distribution systems for the first time at WAN-IFRA India. Hydrair ink systems are exceptionally strong in the UK newspaper industry with over 85 percent market share, and MGE India is proud to be working with them to bring their products to the Indian newspaper market.

Hydrair installation at Broxbourne, UK where newspapers such as The Times and The Sun are printed MGE India staff were over in the UK at the start of July for training with Hydrair and visited several large print house sites such as News International (who incidentally run the worlds largest ink pumps which are made by Hydrair). This was to gain practical knowledge of the benefits of running large ink systems as well as preparation for the first Indian Hydrair pump installation due to go online at the start of September.


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