splendid launch at The Times of India in Pune

CROMOMAN 4-1 at The Times of India

Reel stands placed parallel to each other.

The radically designed double width newspaper press from manroland web systems, CROMOMAN 4-1 has been successfully launched at The Times of India, Pune earlier this year. The press is a first-of-its-kind in the world with a floor mounted design and power tolerance features making it ideally suited for Indian newspaper pressrooms. The first press installation at the Pune plant has been successfully meeting the high quality and productivity standards of India’s largest read English daily newspaper.

The CROMOMAN 4-1 is a double width, single circumference press with H type printing units and floor mounted reel stands placed parallel to each other. The press is designed with proven manroland components for printing speeds upto 75,000 copies per hour offering various production options such as web width variability and quarter folds, fully capable and certified to print on Indian newsprint as well. The press has been designed to significantly reduce the overall capital expenditure usually required on double width presses such as infrastructure and air conditioning. With the compact floor mounted design, the CROMOMAN can fit into existing buildings thus eliminating the need to construct a special building and reducing infrastructure costs drastically. Additionally the press can also run without air conditioning in the pressroom. Thus it offers a low investment solution for Indian pressrooms with growing circulations and high printing volumes.

Remarkable waste reduction and power tolerance

“CROMOMAN 4-1 is an ideal product for Indian newspapers with its compact floor mounted design and power tolerance features. The press has been designed and launched for the first time in the Indian market after an extensive market research by our team. We are proud to announce the first successful installation at The Times of India, Pune,” conveyed Anil Bhatia, managing director, manroland India.
Some of the key factors that led The Times of India to select the CROMOMAN were its waste reduction and power tolerance features that prevent web severance during power failures. The press can withstand +/-27 percent voltage fluctuation and +27/-6 percent frequency fluctuation commonplace in Indian pressrooms. This unique feature, therefore, reduces both paper wastage and makeready time for webbing up the press after power stoppage. With a compact design the press has an overall height reduced to only 7.4 m which can be further reduced to 5.4 m for low ceiling pressrooms. With its unique design, the press combines the advantages of 4-1 printing productivity with the ease of handling of 2-1 presses, as the double width newsreel is split into single wide webs before collection.


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