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Memory launches colour
register control system ‘Soliton PRIM’

Gaurav, director technical-Memory Repro; Bal Krishan, managing director-Memory Repro; Senthil K, sales manager; Soliton Technologies and SM Dutt, technical editor, All About Newspapers.
One of the key players in the Indian printing industry with the specialisation encompassing designing, manufacturing, and installing pre-press and post-press equipments and consumables, Memory Repro Systems (P) Ltd has launched a colour register control system ‘Soliton PRIM’ jointly with Bengaluru based Soliton Technologies Pvt Ltd under their marketing/sales/service programme with all India representation. Soliton Technologies has over 10 years of experience in building vision based automation solutions, customized imaging hardware, and intelligent image processing algorithms.

Developed for 4-colour web offset printing machines, PRIM colour register control system has been proven to correct register offsets in less than a minute, compared to the 4 - 8 minutes for manual control (depending on the number of towers and the operator skill level). This saves about 80 percent of paper and increases the operator’s productivity. Since PRIM monitors the printing continuously, immediate corrective action is taken when any misalignment is detected, ensuring better quality of print.

Based on Soliton Technologies’ embedded smart vision system platform, ‘Soliton PRIM’ uses high speed imagers and high intensity LED strobe lights to acquire images of the printed register marks at high speeds. The powerful Texas Instruments DaVinci DSP processor inside PRIM analyses the images to determine the alignment offsets and sends the control signals to the motors for fast and accurate lateral and circumferential alignment.

With the savings from the significant reduction of paper wastage and the better colour register control during the entire print job, the system ensure a significant ROI from day one of the installation. Along with the cost affordability, ‘Soliton PRIM’ also has many value added features that make it a robust and easy to use product. The fail safe features of PRIM automatically alert the operator in case of motor jams or trigger failures. This, along with the remote diagnostics and support features, ensures immediate support. In case of any problem with the PRIM control system, it can be bypassed immediately and manual control can be used so that there is zero downtime of the operating machine.

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