Manroland web systems redefines its service range
Taking its complete support and service range into consideration, manroland web systems has redefined its service and ‘We Add Value’. This means a holistic support—from consultation through to the right spare and wear parts up to maintenance and servicing of web presses. Find out the progression.

Manroland web systems offers consultations in original quality, training, classical repair service and upgrade and automation solutions as well as maintenance and servicing of web offset presses and others. The company also offers recommendations for once again improving the uptime and performance. All innovations in this category aim directly at reducing costs and increasing flexibility and productivity – always clearly focused on customer’s value, which is meant for all, and not only for manroland web systems technology and product users.

Always, manroland web systems’ service aims at the complete sector. It is not only about relocations or reconfiguration, the company has already started realising upgrades and retrofits for other third party presses and is successfully offering more.

Service for third party

In the year 2016, manroland web systems started catching industry people’s attention with retrofits for third-party presses. For the first time, a complete e-retrofit was carried out on a GOSS press in the USA, which was a highlight of a move that will be succeeded by many more further in the years to come.

Servicing third-party presses is not the only highlight of the new service structure: the newly designed and enhanced 24x7 online platform for spare and wear parts, the manroland web STORE was completely re-launched in 2016. The platform is now even more user-friendly and registered an immense growth in customers’ traffic in the first months after the re-launch. The company is now planning to open the manroland web STORE as a diverse marketplace for the entire industry.

MARKET-X will be the new benchmark of the B2B online stores, where also sub-suppliers will be able to market their products. An expansion of the platform for used parts and presses is already scheduled.

Automated maintenance

The service contract sector is also evolving – manroland web systems offers comprehensive service contracts with all significant services for the complete life cycle of a press—in short, service next generation. The focus lies on developing new concepts with automated solutions in the spirit of Industry 4.0. This means that the solutions ensure increased machine efficiency and thereby reduce the total costs.

Moreover, manroland web systems applies the Industry 4.0 concepts to the field of predictive maintenance. Because every printing system failure costs money; but overcautious maintenance does as well. Modern technologies will soon be able to help replace spare and wear parts only when necessary, but always in time. As a press manufacturer, manroland web systems has sufficient data and resources to do this and therefore increase the productivity of its customers and lower their costs.

The name of the project which tackles exactly this problem at manroland web systems is Maintellisense, which is derived from three words—‘maintenance, intelligence and sense’— and this is what needs to be intelligently connected. The idea is to generate even more automatically serviceable ‘smart data’ from ‘big data’ which the company has already collected in different parameters. The first expansion stage of the new automated service philosophy is already being tested with pilot customers. Further expansion stages and information about Maintellisense will follow soon in near future.


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