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Weiss-Druck almost doubles
its supplement volume with Ferag

Germany-based Weiss-Druck GmbH & Co KG, who commissioned two identical lines incorporating the new Ferag inserting method in 2010, has almost doubled its supplement volume. For feeding supplements manually, each of these lines has 16 hoppers on the RollStream system. The automatic infeed is off MultiDisc and stream pacer. At a performance of 25,000 cph, supplements are mainly gathered and inserted into newspaper products. Prior to acquiring the solution with its two EasySert lines, this task was accomplished with five older inserting machines, each equipped with ten hoppers from another manufacturer. At a similar number of inserts and the same number of hoppers, EasySert can process almost double the volume within the same time span.

The 16 JetFeeders on each EasySert line mean that Weiss-Druck has achieved a considerable bonus, due to non-stop production. Because more than ten supplements are seldom added to the part editions, and although they differ in having a varying mix, configuration of the JetFeeders follows the processing list displayed on the large-screen monitor. Accordingly, on changing over supplements, for example JetFeeder No 11 with disengage. While RollStream and EasySert will continue running, the supplement infeed to the main products is blocked. At this moment, No 12 JetFeeder will engage, so that a mere 20 or so supplement-free advertising titles will occur in other words, the loss of production is almost zero. That being said, EasySert will always be running at maximum speed under supplement control (repair). So if an insert is missing, the main product will not be ejected but will automatically complete a correction circuit in order to recoup it.

The inserting lines are in continuous use for various local advertising titles and the Wochenspiegel from Weiss Group publishing. Inserts are also added to commercial products and customer magazines. Moreover, sometimes it is only two-page advertising inserts of the same format that are placed within advertising supplements, which have been printed in heatset web offset. While the newspaper-like products are opened using overlap devices in order to insert supplements, the supplements themselves are opened for the inserting sequence by means of suction head. These opening devices are easy to exchange.


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