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WoodWing marks feat serving
over 200 tablet publications

With 68 new apps launched by newspaper, magazine and corporate publishers in the year 2011, the number of tablet publications using WoodWing passed the 200 mark. With the advent of other OS platforms, WoodWing expects further significant growth.

One of the leading suppliers of cross-media publishing solutions and the innovation leaders in tablet-publishing market, WoodWing Software announced that the number of tablet apps created with WoodWing´s Tablet Publishing Solution already passed the 200 mark. In the year 2011 alone, WoodWing added another 68 new apps to its App Gallery. New apps include the iPad issues of renowned publishers such as Meredith Corporation and World Magazine in the United States, Weekbladpers in The Netherlands, Conde Nast Publications in Japan, Kompas Cyber Media in Indonesia, and IMPRESA Publishing in Portugal, to name a few. In addition, a number of corporate publishers have selected WoodWing´s solution to produce very attractive customer magazines and annual reports.

“We’ve experienced continuous and steady growth in the number of iPad apps and publications created with our Tablet Publishing Solution,” said Hans Janssen, CEO of WoodWing Software, “With the advent of other tablet platforms such as Android and webOS, we foresee that more and more publishers will use our native readers for these platforms, as well, to reach out to their customers regardless of the device they’re using. We deliver readers for all these platforms as part of our solution.”

Native Reader Apps offer significant advantages! One of the challenges publishers have to deal with is the support of the various tablet platforms such as the iOS, Android 2.2 and 3.0, Playbook OS and webOS. WoodWing supports all major platforms with feature-rich, native Reader Apps, offering significant advantages in safety, ease of use and speed, all while preserving the battery life of these tablet devices. WoodWing´s workflow also offers multi-screen functionality, enabling publishers to efficiently create digital magazines for various devices with different screen sizes, resolutions and aspect ratios, using just a single InDesign layout. Using WoodWing’s various Reader Apps, Time Magazine, PEOPLE Magazine and Sports Illustrated were already demonstrated on the HP TouchPad tablet. Sports Illustrated is available on Samsung´s GALAXY Tab and was demonstrated on the Motorola Xoom at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in mid-February.

HTML5 support allows publishers to tap new streams of revenue! In addition, WoodWing offers an HTML5 Reader App, giving publishers the means to reach the 120 million users of the Google Chrome Web browser – a highly important new monetization channel for publishers of any kind and size. Launching its popular Swimsuit Edition on Google´s Chrome Web Store at the end of February, Sports Illustrated was the first title using WoodWing´s HTML5 Digital Magazine Reader App.

Well over a million downloads per month! Publishers worldwide have produced more than 2,500 daily, monthly or weekly issues of their tablet editions with well over a million downloads per month using WoodWing´s Content Delivery Service, making WoodWing popular tablet publishing solution in the market.

Efficient multi-platform tablet publishing

The US-based media and marketing company Meredith Corporation launched three of its most popular titles – Better Homes and Gardens, Fitness and Parents – on the iPad using WoodWing’s Tablet Publishing Solution. From delicious recipes and innovative decorating applications to workout videos and co-play opportunities, all three monthly editions bring additional layers of content and interactivity to consumers, and are created by the highly respected editorial and creative teams behind the brands’ print issues. The tablet editions stretch the media experience, providing fresh, rich digital content that deepens and expands the consumers’ experiences with the brands they love and trust.

The tablet edition of Better Homes and Gardens, the largest commercial magazine in the United States, offers a colour-swap application letting the readers tap to see the featured room in different hues. Animated before-and-after floor plans walk users through clever space solutions and room arrangements. Fitness captivates its readers by workout videos, including step-by-step instructions for exercises, and the routines can be viewed in their entirety or as individual moves. With its Playroom section, Parents allows parents and children to explore a virtual playroom together and browse new toys, DVDs, calendar listings and more. Parents also offers a video cover with interactive text plus an age-by-age guide instead of a table of contents.

All three digital magazines offer e-commerce features linking from within the apps to online shopping platforms like the Better Homes and Gardens Store, Apple’s App Store, and others allowing the readers to buy products featured in the tablet magazines. After starting on the iPad, Meredith also plans to offer the three magazines on other tablet platforms such as Android. With its multi-screen support, WoodWing’s Tablet Publishing Solution enables publishers to easily create content for various devices with different screen sizes, resolutions and aspect ratios, using a single InDesign layout.


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