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QuadTech ‘moving you forward’
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Colour Control and
Web Inspection System with AccuCam.
In the last 18 months, QuadTech has launched a host of performance-enhancing press control solutions for offset, flexo and gravure. During Gulf Print & Pack 2011 (Dubai, March 14-17), the company highlighted a number of solutions under the theme ‘Moving You Forward’. Newspaper printers could discover the advantages of the Color Control and Web Inspection System with AccuCam. QuadTech also introduced Proactive Care, which provides around-the-clock health and condition monitoring of QuadTech ICON systems by skilled technicians. As per Karl Fritchen, president of QuadTech, “QuadTech engineers are constantly pushing technology forward, providing printers with the tools needed to consistently deliver the highest levels of print quality to their customers. We provide the industry’s most effective solutions for colour control, web inspection, register control and data management.”

The trend in newspaper printing for better control over colour is being fuelled by a need to diversify. Semi-commercial products, hybrid heatset/coldest newspapers and publications geared to attract advertisers - such as lifestyle supplements - are now commonplace. To help printers achieve the required quality and accuracy, QuadTech has responded with the Color Control and Web Inspection System with AccuCam. This is an inline, image-based colour control that optimizes control over an entire image by comparing image values with target aim points derived from the prepress file, in terms of CIELAB values. The system also provides fast detection of scumming, plate verification, and other inspection capabilities. When linked through an ICON platform to established controls for register and ribbon guidance, the entire QuadTech newspaper package drives added value, waste reduction and manpower savings into both newspaper and semi-commercial applications.

Register Guidance System with MultiCam has been enhanced with automatic fan-out control features to minimize register errors due to web stretch in the humid environment of the printing towers. QuadTech’s fan-out control software automatically keeps the press in lateral register across the full width of the web, throughout the entire run. Register control cameras mounted on both the gear and operator sides of the web capture tiny shifts in lateral register and instantly make automatic corrections via an interface with the bustle wheels. As per Vince Balistrieri, responsible for QuadTech’s newspaper and commercial SBU, “The addition of fan-out control optimizes the number of ‘saleable’ copies by eliminating the risks of subjective and error-prone manual adjustments. As a consequence make-ready is faster and color fit is spot on, irrespective of the ink coverage on the web.”


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