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Relying again on
Muller Martini mailroom solutions

Strong reliability and good service again proved the hallmarks of Muller Martini solutions. The Sichuan Daily Newspaper Group Printing Company from China is purchasing two additional NewsGrip A newspaper conveyors and two Listo stackers to complement an existing mailroom solution from Muller Martini that has been in place for six years now. While Germany-based Kieler Zeitung GmbH & Co Offsetdruck KG has become the world’s first printing house to couple an existing NewsLiner A newspaper inserting system with a CoLiner pre-gathering unit from Muller Martini.

In addition to printing magazines, books and commercial products, the Sichuan Daily Newspaper Group Printing Company also produces more than six million newspapers each day – its portfolio includes the principle publication the Sichuan Daily as well as a further 60 titles that are published throughout China. All this adds up to an impressive annual production figure of 2.1 billion newspapers. With this many copies to print, it’s vital that the company has an optimized production workflow in place. For this reason, the printing house has put its faith in Muller Martini and equipped its production facility, opened in 2004 and covering an area of 30,000 sq m, with six of the company’s NewsGrip A newspaper conveyors and four CS70 stackers. This equipment has helped the Sichuan Daily Newspaper Group Printing Company to deliver reliable production operations, sometimes at high speeds, for some six years.

The Sichuan Daily Newspaper Group Printing Company is also investing in two Listo stackers. These machines can produce perfect packages, positioned both diagonally and in tiers, at speeds of up to 1,00,000 copies per hour. In addition, they can process all standard product sizes supported by the printing presses. The minimal product drop distance from the stacking compartment to the turntable compartment guarantees perfectly aligned stacks that are accurate to the copy and positioned both diagonally and in tiers. The stacks are then dispatched from the machine by means of a servo-driven, lowerable pusher. This method reduces cycle times and guarantees gentle, reliable processing of stacks. The two new Muller Martini systems will be put into operation in July 2011.

Kieler Zeitung GmbH & Co Offsetdruck KG, which produces numerous advertising journals alongside the Kieler Nachrichten paper, was the first newspaper manufacturer in the world to opt for the newly launched ProLiner with CoLiner combination inserting system, two and a half years ago. Now, the Kieler Nachrichten paper will put the new CoLiner into operation in mid-2011. The ProLiner inserting system will be retrofitted with a ValueLiner card gluer. The printing house in Northern Germany will therefore be in a position to respond to the growing demand from its advertisers for adverts on the front pages of its daily and weekly newspapers. “Since that initial investment, the number of inserts and pre-printed sections to be added has risen by 23 percent,” commented Sven Fricke, head of the Printing and Logistics Center, “What’s more, the number of insertion combinations per order has also grown, thereby increasing the amount of small units.”


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