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Hamburg to host ppi’s Open Days 2011

Glimpse of the previous event.
ppi’s Open Days 2011 is all set to take place in Hamburg (Germany) during June 27-28, focusing on the future of the publishing industry and, therefore, on integrated software solutions: cross-media for ads and editorial content, and open, flexible and multifunctional for production and prepress.

Smartphones, tablet PCs and the mobile web have introduced us to a world of unrelenting change, which is rich in both opportunities and risks. ‘Fail often, fail fast, fail cheap’ is a living thought in our fast-moving world of internet business. Why doesn’t one try a new approach – with small, fast solutions for new print or online products or best practices for large projects. ppi’s Open Days 2011 is not just a platform to explore new territory, but to present new solutions through presentations held by both customers and ppi experts. Attendees will be able to see new cross-media ad and editorial solutions in product demonstrations and learn first-hand what publishers all over the world have experienced.

Besides the focus on digital solutions, international speakers from the USA and Abu Dhabi will be presenting their successful consolidation projects with ppi Media. New SAP solutions for the media industry, the integration of publishing and printing, ideas and visions from startup businesses and a review of one year of Application Services by ppi Media will complete the agenda.


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