Publish Asia 2011 set to
propel future-proof media growth

The Times of India, Dainik Bhaskar, ABP, the Outlook Group, Grafitek International, Manugraph India and 4C-Plus to make India’s presence effective

With a showcase of new ideas, concepts and best practices from around the world, Publish Asia 2011 (April 27-29) is ready help in delivering sustainable media growth in today’s fast changing media landscape. In its 11th edition, WAN-IFRA’s leading event in Asia to be held in Bangkok, (Thailand) will include: CEO Conference, Newsroom Summit, Advertising Summit, Printing Summit, Learning Workshops, Expo, Asia Media Awards ceremony, etc.

With Asian economies steadily picking up, media publishers have good reasons to show optimism as the year begins. Publish Asia 2011 under the theme ‘Driving future-proof media growth’, will focus on successful case studies showing how media companies in Asia and elsewhere are taking advantage of the economy’s recovery to improve performances and also define and implement innovative strategies that will help secure the future. Leading suppliers and providers of technology to the newspapers and news publishing industry will present their latest offerings at Publish Asia Expo. The prominent exhibitors include: ABB Switzerland, Atex, Alfa Media, CCI Europe, EAE, Ferrostaal, Goss International, Grafitek International, Manugraph India, Newspaper Direct, New ProImage, OneVision Software, Pongrass Publishing Systems, ppi Media, Quark, Realview, Schur Packaging Systems, Techiweb, VG News Portal and 4C-Plus.

CEO Conference for senior management executives is to cover business issues, trends and case studies that are current and relevant to Asian publishers. The objective is to provide tangible ideas from around the world that can help position a media company for growth. Its sessions will focus on: global media trends and trend setters, taking news publishing to the next level, capitalizing on mobile advertising, the power of print, new business models for news, and shaping the future of news publishing. Printing Summit is aimed at technical and production directors, plant managers and IT heads that are tasked with managing the publishing and printing operations.

Newsroom Summit will tackle the problems and challenges facing editors, managing editors, news editors, chief reporters and all those who are involved in leading and managing newsrooms in a multiple media environment. In this summit, the session on ‘Entrepreneurship in the newsroom’ will feature several case studies showing how editors in different part of the world are taking the lead for conceiving and implementing editorial concepts and products with a strong marketing focus. In a round table session, Asian editors will meet Abhisit Vejjajiva, prime minister of Thailand for a frank discussion of what lies ahead for Thailand.

Advertising, the lifeblood of newspapers, is under going a radical transformation. Advertising Summit (April 28-29) is meant to provide an understanding of the changes through case studies and to demonstrate how media companies can benefit from these changes. Its sessions will focus on: global media trends and trend setters, re-thinking print and online advertising, capitalizing on mobile advertising (common session with CEO Conference), the power of print (common session with CEO Conference), show me the money, and shaping the future of news publishing. Under the topic ‘Innovations in print advertising’, stunning value-added advertising case studies on print will be presented, including, ‘The talking newspaper: how Volkswagen surprised Indian newspaper readers’.

For the above summits, the conformed speakers from India include: Sanat Hazra, technical & production director, The Times of India, to speak on ‘Newspaper project management strategy for excellence in print’; RD Bhatnagar, CTO, Dainik Bhaskar Corporation, for giving presentation on ‘Controlling costs and increasing profits in the printing plant’; Dipankar Das Purkayastha, managing director & CEO, ABP Pte Ltd, to talk about: ‘From vernacular paper to global multimedia news business’; and Maheshwer Peri, president & publisher, the Outlook Group, to make presentation on ‘What can newspapers learn from magazines?’. Notably, The Times of India has implemented efficient management techniques for leading print quality projects across over 20 printing sites; for DB Corp, the global financial crisis has been an opportunity for implementing a unique tool for planning, monitoring and analysing revenues and costs which they are still benefiting from today; ABP has built on its leading position in Bengali media to diversify its business in broadcasting, events and new media; and the Outlook group publishing 11 magazines has spread around various niches.

Other confirmed speakers are: Michael Gill, CEO and editor-in-chief, Financial Review Group, Australia; Jeongdo Hong, chief strategy officer, JoongAng Media Network, South Korea; Gregor Waller, member of the management and vice president for strategy and innovation at Axel Springer’s Welt Group, Germany; Matt Jones, VP mobile and strategy operations, Gannett, USA; Serge Taborin, group business development director, Archant Ltd, UK; Eamonn Byrne, managing director at The Byrne Partnership, UK; Daniel Faesser, managing director, WRH Marketing Asia, Singapore; Pichai Chuensuksawadi, editor-in-chief, The Bangkok Post, Thailand; Anthony Arundell, director, EasternTechService, Thailand; Alfredo Triviño, director of creative projects at News International, UK; Manfred Werfel, deputy CEO & executive director, production, WAN-IFRA, Germany; Horst-Walter Hauer, general manager, Büro Hauer, Germany; Ilkka Kuusisto, vice president, Jaakko Pöyry Consulting Europe, Singapore; Peter Kuisle, executive vice president-sales, manroland AG, Germany; Eamonn Byrne, managing director at The Byrne Partnership, UK; Saleh Al-Humaidan, managing director, Al Yaum Media House, Saudi Arabia; Christopher Baker, vice president, manufacturing, New York Daily News, USA; Moritz Schwarz, senior consultant, WAN-IFRA, Germany; Grzegorz Piechota, vice president, INMA Europe, and specials projects editor, Agora, Poland; Paul Hamra, publisher, Adelaide’s Independent Weekly Newspaper, Australia; Dietmar Schantin, executive director, PEGM, WAN-IFRA, Germany; Bertha Henson, associate editor, The Straits Times, Singapore (tbc) Dr Aralynn A McMane, executive director, Young Readership Programme, WAN-IFRA, Paris; Julian Sambles, digital operations director, Telegraph Media Group (TMG), UK; Sutichai Yoon, co founder & group editor-in-chief, Nation Multimedia Group, Thailand; Lin Neuman, chief editorial adviser, Jakarta Globe, Indonesia; Marcel Fenez, global entertainment and media leader, PWC, Hong Kong (tbc); and Stig Nordqvist, executive director, emerging digital platforms, WAN-IFRA, Germany.

Besides, one day in-depth learning workshops (April 27) on specific topics that are of interest to advertising, newsroom and printing executives will be offered. The workshop on ‘Optimizing Editioral Marketing’ will give insights for managing successful editorial marketing projects involving people from different departments (editorial, sales, research, circulation, online etc), with focus on: how to build long-lasting relations with new readers; how to promote stories and journalists to sell more copies and drive more traffic to the website; and what works and what doesn’t? Workshop leader Grzegorz Piechota, vice president, INMA Europe, and specials projects editor at Agora (Poland) will base his answers on real-life case studies. Cross Media Advertising workshop will explain with concrete case studies how a cross media approach can improve the value delivered to the advertiser and increase the sales revenue. It will also present what management, infrastructure and processes are necessary to optimize advertising sales for a portfolio of multimedia products and what are the first steps to implement these changes in a traditional media company. While in the workshop on ‘Turning the Printing Plant into a Profit Centre’, production directors from leading media companies and WAN-IFRA experts will share valuable tips and insights on generating revenue and reducing costs in production. The pros and cons of spinning of the printing operations into a separate company will also be presented.

On the occasion, Publish Asia will also host the 10th Asia Media Awards Ceremony, where the best newspapers in Asia will receive awards in the categories of print, editorial content, design, infographics and photojournalism. And a visit to ‘The Bangkok Post’ printing plant will be a unique opportunity to see one of the Thailand’s most integrated production facility.


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