Sudeep Bhattacharjee appointed
as new MD at manroland India

Ambitious future plans drawn to reinforce wider local market presence
It’s the crack of a new dawn at manroland India as the company has appointed a new MD, Sudeep Bhattacharjee, sitting at the wholly-owned subsidiary of manroland web systems GmbH in New Delhi. ALL ABOUT NEWSPAPERS talks to the new India head in presence of Jörn Gossé, MD, manroland web systems and Timothy Ruth, VP-sales, manroland web systems, Augsburg, finding out their policies and strategies to undertake under the new head in India.

Jörn Gossé, Sudeep Bhattacharjee, Rekha Sharma and Timothy Ruth
In the year 2003 manroland web systems marked its first presence in the Indian market. “Getting closer to our customers anywhere in the world is our main objective,” says Jörn Gossé, explaining further that the company’s business relationship based on partnership can be best realised with a local branch. “By appointing Sudeep Bhattacharjee, we are reinforcing our local presence on a major market and continuing to support our customers with innovative solutions in web offset printing, and trendsetting products for digital workflows and post-press in industrial digital printing,” he adds.

Sudeep Bhattacharjee, for more than eight years, had managed the entire newspaper production of the New Delhi edition of The Times of India in the capacity of assistant vice president. Before that he held a leading management position at ABP Group in Kolkata and Business India Group in Mumbai.With his wealth of experience in the field of newspaper and related printing parameters, Sudeep is now gearing up to accelerate manroland web systems to a new stride.

India being a country where the printed newspapers, unlike in the European and American markets, are now constantly gaining growth momentum in the regional domains with gradual increase in circulations of Hindi and vernacular editions as well as launches of new titles. In this, Jörn Gossé feels manroland web systems will come out with suitable presses designed for the requirement of small or mid-size newspaper houses which require machines configured for production of 36,000–45,000 cph.

“Of course, the Indian newspaper market is currently expanding towards tier II and III cities. I hope this regional domain is affluent and promising for new business,” asserts Sudeep Bhattacharjee. For newspaper printing, manroland web systems boasts a complete portfolio of COLORMAN e:line, GEOMAN, UNISET, CROMOMAN 4-1 and 2x1. Of them, Timothy Ruth says CROMOMAN 4-1 is the right choice for the Indian newspaper market. The company has installed two CROMOMAN 4-1 presses in two separate production setups of The Times of India in Pune and Kolkata; and latest being the one at Namasthe Telangana in Telangana.

On the commercial web printing side, manroland web systems has widely demanded versatile LITHOMAN and ROTOMAN presses. About this domain in India, Jörn Gossé observes growth, but not in a full pace yet. Commercial presses in the company’s existing portfolio consist of ROTOMAN, EUROMAN and LITHOMAN, which are suitably engineered presses for books, magazines, catalogues and related items in such categories.

Retrofitting and relocation services are vital activities of manroland web systems all over the globe. In India, the company has reconfigured printing towers at the production setups of The Times of India in New Delhi and Mumbai. In one of the landmark relocation projects, two GEOMAN towers from the newspaper’s Mumbai production facility were moved to their setup located at Sahibabad in Delhi NCR; and the existing GEOMAN press also upgraded to include six towers.

Another revolutionary venture of manroland web systems is in the ‘digital’ arena where the company has closely tied up with Hewlett Packard (HP), Kodak and Canon that use manroland finishing systems, FoldLine and FormerLine, to produce newspapers, magazines or glued book blocks churned in a customised way on the digital presses in offset print quality. Technically, FormerLine runs for batch production, which means the finishing system can produce different titles or editions automatically without pushing the ‘stop button’ midway for changeover. FoldLine is featured with multivariable pinfolder for newspaper production for small circulation up to 50,000 copies, commercial magazines and books.

At drupa 2016, now scheduled from May 31–June 10 at Dusseldorf, FoldLine will be one of the key products from manroland web systems to be demonstrated ‘live’ running at the company’s stand as well as Kodak’s.


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