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PRESSLINE PRIMA 36 enhances overall
quality in outputs at Viani Printings

Viani Printings, a Kochi-based printing house known for churning books, newspapers, inserts, supplements and magazines in the utmost quality, boasts its upgraded production facility enhanced by a PRIMA 36 from PRESSLINE India. ALL ABOUT NEWSPAPERS looks into the progression the company has garnered following the adoption of the new PRESSLINE web press.

Apart from being a full-fledged printing house, Viani Printings has a printing technology college and a division dedicated to notebook making and packaging in Choondy, near Aluva, in Kerala. Named after the 17th century French saint, this printing firm is also known for its dedication to community upliftment by creating employment for common people in the region. The latest thrust to ‘quality’ at Viani Printings has achieved through the PRESSLINE PRIMA 36 equipped in its production facility.

Production capacity

PRESSLINE PRIMA 36 is featured with 546 mm cut-off size with three back-toback 4Hi towers and a quarter folder—such configurations of the press now help Viani Printings churn either a total of 16 pages in which 8 in colour and 8 in black & white or a total of 12 colour pages. After all this absolute enhancement in the infrastructure, the company is now gearing up to boost both quality and volume using Combi rollers and blankets that can be retrofitted with UV curing to achieve excellent outputs on calendared substrates in form of paper. Rev Fr Francis Arickal, who is heading the company since last two years, has the background of working at various church institutions, which include some printing establishments. “Our facility in Kochi is now congested; it has no scope for further expansion. So we are looking at expanding our Choondy facility where a division will be dedicated to bulk textbook and notebook printing,” he said. The expansion will take place on a five-acre plot of land and planning to complete it in the next few years as work is now in full progress and new machines have arrived.

Machine portfolio

In the management team of Viani Printings, Fr Bijoy Palatty is in the capacity of assistant director and Kurian N Chacko holds the post of production head. “We have two web offset machines— Manugraph Cityline Express 35 and PRESSLINE PRIMA 36 in one section of the facility,” explained Kurian, adding that such arrangement helps machine operators to have better coordination while handling the presses simultaneously. Installed next to these web offset presses are Komori LITHRON S-26 and MITSUBISHI 4-Colour sheet-fed offset presses. The smaller lot in the portfolio comprises Manugraph Print Magic 274 HF, HTM SOM 136 sheet-fed web offset press, single-colour DOMINANT 715 and Abdick mini offset machine.

The pre-press and design section of the company is located on the first floor where installed CtP units from Kodak and others. Additionally, in the section are plate-making machines, such as Protek Qax90 plate exposing system (90x110cm) and a monotype machine. Likewise, the port-press division, located on the second floor, is equipped with a array of high-end equipments, such as Welbound 12-station gathering and side printing machine; sheet folding machines; Welbound 6-staion saddle stitcher with three knives line cutting; 6-clamp perfect binding unit; wire stitching machines; wet and thermal laminators; packing and bundling machines, among others.

Eventually, the adoption of PRESSLINE PRIMA 36, which runs at the maximum speed of 36,000 cph, has driven Viani Printings to a new momentum in both quality and volume of production.


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