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VINSAK poses against challenges
to the efficiency of a plate

-now offers VINSAK Marathon thermal CtP plate solution for long run
The use of UV to enhance the look of the print is common, these days. However most plates do not withstand the abrasiveness caused by UV inks and tends to peel off. Many applications also call for durability of the plate over very long run lengths. Applications such as packaging, seek high quality finish with usage of UV inks and long runs, posing significant challenges to the efficiency of a plate.

VINSAK, provider of solutions and services for printing industry has now introduced VINSAK Marathon Thermal CtP Plate - the ‘excellent, efficient and effective thermal CtP plate solution,’ that bridges the gap between high quality, versatility and long run. It is a reliable product suiting the high production requirements of most commercial offset, packaging and newspaper printers.

Offering very fine reproduction of halftone dots from fine highlights to deep shadows, VINSAK Marathon Thermal CtP plate is efficient to give the desired tonal gradation to produce fine print works, leveraging resolution upto 450 lpi with spectacular print finish enabled by UV inks. With electro-chemically grained anodised aluminum substrate available in thicknesses of 0.15, 0.20 and 0.28 mm having shelf life of 18 months (under 25 degree centigrade and 60 percent RH), these plates are suitable for sheetfed and webfed offset presses equally.

For those applications where time is critical, VINSAK Marathon Thermal CtP Plate offers an excellent long run length of 2,50,000 impressions per plate. For even longer runs, baking it gets an incredible one million impressions per plate! Be it long run, extreme long run, high quality-short run, it offers that unique efficiency, rarely found in most of the plates. Available through wide distribution network of Creed Engineers ensuring a reliable source of supply, it is an effective solution for business needs in present context when time is money, quality is credibility, and cost is flexibility.

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