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manroland web systems sets another
milestone with The Times of India

Second CROMOMAN 4-1 from manroland web systems
goes live at The Times of India, Kolkata

With several creative product innovations such as 'half covers',' panorama folds', etc, the newly installed press is successfully printing Ei Samay, a newly launched Bengali daily from The Times of India group.

After a successful debut at The Times of India, Pune, the youngest star performer from manroland web systems product family - CROMOMAN 4:1 has also successfully started production at their plant in the City of Joy Kolkata in Eastern India. The Times of India, the world's largest read English daily newspaper, recently launched a new daily newspaper, titled Ei Samay in the regional Indian language Bengali, commencing print on the newly installed CROMOMAN 4-1 press at their premises.

The CROMOMAN at The Times of India, Kolkata is installed in a very low height building of just 5.4 meters, made possible due to the modular design of the press with web slitting turner bars placed on side or parallel to the second level of the press with H Type printing units placed ninety degrees to the floor mounted reel stands. The low press height makes it possible for newspaper print rooms to utilize existing pressrooms originally designed for single width presses. Coupled with no air conditioning requirements, the CROMOMAN significantly reduces overall capital expenditure on a new building cost and air conditioning requirements.

This modular 'Made for India' press effectively combines the speed and productivity of a 4-1 double width press with the simple operation of a 2-1 single wide press, as the double wide web is slit into two single wide ribbons just after printing. The CROMOMAN can also tolerate local grid power fluctuations in voltage and frequency, and has special anti-wrap devices preventing web severance on power outages, reducing white and printed waste overall.

The CROMOMAN 4-1 is a double width, single circumference press with H-type printing units and printing speeds of 75,000 copies per hour offering various creative production possibilities such as web width variability and quarter folding. The press at Kolkata has four reel stands, four full colour towers and one folder installed in a short period of ten weeks, commissioned in September 2012 by an Indo German team consisting of four Indian engineers from manroland India and three German engineers from manroland web systems. Recently, The Times of India also added another folder on the press and the extension project was completed in March 2013.

The newly installed press is successfully printing Bengali daily Ei Samay, with several creative product innovations such as half covers, panorama folds etc. The newspaper had an impressive launch in Kolkata and has been well received by the regional audience.


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