Pressline India’s path-breaking
installations in book zone

A bit far from the newspaper domain, web offset manufacturers in India are now aggressively penetrating into the book printing arena in the country and beyond. Pressline India marks success in the headway as this indigenous web offset maker has recently installed its globally-acclaimed PRIMA press in the printing facility of S. Chand & Co in Delhi-NCR and in an overseas setup at Adis Ababa in Ethiopia.

Adoption of the globally acclaimed Pressline PRIMA web offset press in their state-of-the-art production facility has garnered S. Chand & Co (Vikas Publishing) a new standard in book printing. This old book publishing company holds dominant position in producing CBSE and ICSE school books of 7,500 different titles penned by more than 1,000 authors. The publisher has its footprints across the nation with twenty branches, five marketing offices and multiple printing and publishing facilities around.

Now that S.Chand & Co (S.Chand Group— one of the oldest and largest publishing and education service enterprises in India) has acquired Pressline PRIMA featured with cut-off of 578, double roll stand, 4Hi towers, halfpage folder with quarter-page folder, mini IR dryer, WS log stacker + 900 turn bar, all perfectly designed for book printing, this configuration of the press will enable them to print books in four colours or take two webs simultaneously to double the pagination of signature.

Ethiopian connection
Pressline India’s machines run successfully even in the soil of Africa. For book printing, Ethiopian Government in Adis Ababa has recently installed two PRESSLINE 36 presses having cut-offs of 578 and 546. Both the presses feature two double roll stands with auto splicer, two 4Hi towers, half-page folder with upper former, quarter page folder and double parallel folder. Government textbooks from Ethiopia are abundantly printed in India by some select quality conscious web offset contract printing houses. As the presses have been installed in Berhanena Selam Printing Enterprises (BSPE), an Ethiopian government undertaking printing facility, expectation is for a new quality in books printed at the facility.

Salient features
Pressline India’s presses have some salient features, discrete from the conventional ones. Remote ink control system: The prominent features and permutation/combination of the Pressline presses have very advanced open fountain remote ink control system equipped with CIP 3, thus benefiting the users with improved/consistent quality, labour reduction, lesser makeready time/cost and reduced wastage.

Fountain blade assemblies: In the presses, the leak proof ink fountain blade assemblies are segmented for precise ink flow. Unlike ink fountains that rely on inexact ‘spring-back’ positioning, the Pressline presses use a direct-drive ‘push-pull’ system. The drive-shaft features a captive-screw principle with preloaded thrust bearings that ensure high mechanical integrity.

Remote register control: Remote register controls in the Pressline systems ensure matching of any out registered portion on the run.

Auto ink pumping system: Further, the Pressline presses are equipped with auto ink pumping system, which is an ink supply system functioning as closed pump systems for automatic feeding of printing inks. The closed system prevents any contact with the skin— especially important when UV inks are used, because these inks contain substances that may cause skin irritation. Auto blanket wash device: Primary operational mode of blanket washer in Pressline presses is the supply of solvent and water through non-corroding pipes and nozzles while the brushes move in vertical and linear movement gently brushing the entire blanket surface at a pre-set pressure to take-off the deposit, which is carried away by the running web, thus thoroughly cleaning the blanket surface as well as the path rollers. Both the presses at BSPE are also equipped with stackers for easy bundling of signatures expected to run into a little less than half a million signatures per day. It is hoped that with this installation of Pressline presses, a new benchmark will be set to achieve a new high in print technology at the Ethiopian book publishing setup.

Here the bottom line is the evidence of vernacular dailies growing in India at par with international quality that correspondingly speaks volumes on the rising standard in the country. Similar is the case with book production on web offset presses with publishers increasingly getting export orders.


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