Core values of news media focused at
World Publishing Expo 2015

World Publishing Expo, the largest global trade exhibition for the newspaper and news publishing industry, organised by WAN-IFRA, recently concluded its 45th edition in a successful note at Hamburg with a call for strengthening the core values of independent news media and taking ‘the long view’ for developing news media companies in the digital age. ALL ABOUT NEWSPAPERS captures here a brief account of the expo.

Organised in the seaport city of Hamburg, WAN-IFRA’s World Publishing Expo 2015 was structured as it usually did into different sections of programmes: Newsroom Summit, Mobile News Summit and World Printers Forum. It was the third time that the expo ‘docked’ in Hamburg. The trade show included more than 200 exhibitors, representing some of the major suppliers to the publishing industry, alongside dozens of newcomers and startups that brought new ideas into the media industry. Among the new features at the expo this year was a dedicated ‘Start-Up Area’.

Fresh values
Opening of the expo was marked with a welcome remark from Olaf Scholz, the first mayor of the city of Hamburg, conveying his message of news media’s essential position in the society, “The (news media) sector plays a key role in creating a wellorganised social and cultural life, making it an essential component of Hamburg’s self-perception.” He continued, “Now, it’s about making sure that the structure of the media and creative business, which has developed over decades, successfully takes the leap into the digital future—a process that holds numerous challenges, but is also rich in opportunities.”

The expo also offered a Color Quality Workshop and a Wearables Workshop, as well as Innovation Tours to leading media companies in Hamburg. “We are here to learn how to take advantage of the amazing tools that are in our hands today. We are also here to take the long view, to consider what the future of journalism will hold in 10 to 20 years,” said Marcelo Rech, president, World Editors Forum, at the 14th Annual International Newsroom Summit, one of the conferences that took place during the expo. “We are here to preserve the journalistic integrity of our newsrooms and freedom of expression,” he added.

World Publishing Expo 2015 brought together suppliers to the industry with its thought leaders and decision makers. In addition to the exhibition, which showcased the latest technologies, the event featured 200 speakers sharing their success stories in a variety of conferences and forums.

Some showstoppers
A collectively tremendous showcase it was, a league of machine and technology manufacturers as well as suppliers in the news media industry put up their latest marvels on display, be it printers, mechanisms, software, and others. Among them, manroland web systems and its customers had been high flyers. The company spent the customer evening above the city roofs of the hanseatic city. But also during the daytime at their exhibition booth the atmosphere was great—the expo as a communication platform has again been a success this year for the company. Valued visitors from all over the world held business talks with the manroland web systems professionals. The leading topic was of a future proof integration of print rooms in times of decreasing new investments.

The experts from manroland web systems shared their views and solutions for high volume newspaper presses as well as for digital workflows and retrofits. Everybody was particularly pleased about the signing of a long-term service contract with Kenya’s leading newspaper printer Nation Media. ‘Feeling at home’ – this is what ppiMedia nostalgically termed this year’s World Publishing Expo organised in its home port Gutenberg. Major showcase this software developer brought to display at their booth this year comprised Content X, a revolutionary cross media editorial solution system and AdX, its cross channel ad reservation system. In addition to the showcase of these products at their booth, ppiMedia led visitors to the editorial offices of Impulse, one of the leading magazines in Germany, where visitors experienced live demo of the software. The visitors were astounded to the demonstrations of the fascinating insights into the magazine’s productive utilisation of Content X, which has made advantages into data analysis, semantic search functions and connection to social media allowing the software to recognise and the customers to capitalise on stories trending on social media.

On the other side, AdX is a new ad booking system with full of advantages. By using this integration system, media consultants can use their tablets to view available ad space and book it for digital and print directly onsite at the customers’ offices. ppiMedia has installed this software to Gutenberg Rechenzentrum’s ad booking system VI&VA and productively running. This year, Lineup, ppMedia’s ad partner in ad solutions, was also a crowd-pulling exhibitor at the show.

As Q.I. Press Controls and EAE closed million deals last year during the World Publishing Expo in Amsterdam, the partners gathered success again this year in Hamburg. This year, for QIPC – EAE the show was dedicated to networking and synergy. Many interested people visited the joint stand with a variety of questions where QIPC–EAE’s products could be of help. Bernhard Schmiedeberg, sales manager, EAE, said, “There was plenty of opportunity to talk to our customers and listen to them. The released information is very valuable for QIPC – EAE. In the upcoming period, we will work together with many different customers in order to optimise our products and services to them and perhaps to generalise to other customers.”

QIPC – EAE concluded the show with a handful of orders. Picking up one among others, Funke, one of the largest media groups in Germany with printing facilities in Hagen, Essen, Braunschweig and Erfurt, placed an order at QIPC – EAE for thirteen towers on their Hagen site. Q.I. Press Controls will deliver the IDS-3D colour register and control and the mRC-3D for cut-off and side-lay control. In addition, the IQM (Intelligent Quality Management) will be delivered what, in combination with EAE’s VIP Link, will provide the quality reporting for Funke. The reason the large media group has chosen for Q.I. Press Controls is the experience, the reference base and the confidence in the combination of QIPC – EAE as partners.

At the end, World Publishing Expo 2015 revealed the core values of how the news media industry would glide own the future lane. In an overall development, the expo contributed to the motivation that pushed the industry to a new direction of ‘digital era’.


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