Camila Jimenez Villa at World News Media Congress 2019

World News Media Congress 2019, which was held from June 1-3 at Glasgow, hosted Camila Jimenez Villa, CEO & Co-Founder, The Immigrant (USA), who revealed the most of a new opportunity. In today’s all-out streaming war, where platforms vie against each other and against TV networks for new subscribers, good original content is a valuable commodity. So much so that players such as The New York Times and Vox Media Studios are developing content for others to stream and broadcast. For The New York Times, this will take the form of a weekly television series for FX and Hulu. In the international market for content and prestige, programmes that can be adapted to regional markets are particularly sought after.

Publishers who want to test this route gathered at the session in the World News Media Congress in which Camila Jimenez Villa, who, at Univision (a pioneer in this area) and Executive Producer for the Netflix programmes El Chapo (Seasons 1-3), Murder Mountain, Tijuana and Who killed Malcolm X, for the story behind these deals. She explained her recommendations for selecting, pitching and developing story ideas and how can media companies use their journalistic and archived work for programme creation.

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