FIG (Coimbra) turns to QIPC automation due to frequent production changeovers

Portuguese printing concern FIG has placed an order for an automatic colour register system with the Q.I. Press Controls (QIPC). The system will be installed on the company’s a 2011 GOSS Community press which has recently been acquired by FIG. The company’s printing plant in Coimbra, halfway between Lisbon and Porto, has been looking at possible ways of expanding and improving its production processes for some time. Even before acquiring a new press, FIG decided to have one fitted with QIPC automation systems. “Our Portuguese agent, Duarte Alves de Sousa, managing director and owner of Tecnimprensa, discussed the matter with FIG even before there was talk of a new press,” said Harold Drinhuyzen from QIPC.

Production at FIG is subject to frequent change rounds, partly because the plant is responsible for printing several regional newspapers for all the country; mostly weekly, biweekly, monthly and, and also four daily: Diário de Coimbra, Diário de Aveiro, and Diário de Leiria e Diário de Viseu. “That meant that efficiency in the start-up process was a key issue for the new printing press,” stated Harold. He added that the system has a crucial role to play in the production process on their GOSS Community. In total, FIG has ordered eight mRC-3D cameras from QIPC for automating the colour register. The cameras are fitted with optional Automatic Ink Mist Shields (AIMS) for automatic cleaning of the lenses. The systems will be installed once the press has arrived in Portugal.

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