Financial Times makes road to one million subscribers

This is all about looking at users from a business point of view, and what Financial Times ( wants them to be, as the newspaper knows people pay for habits. So they want to focus on habits. Habits are the best way to increase engagement. is a digital subscription-based company, similar to Netflix, Spotify and YouTube. The company has been actively involved in the digital subscription business for the past 10 years, and it currently has more than 920,000 paid-for customers. Of those, some 720,000 are digital-only. Just one-third of these subscribers are based in the UK, and the rest are spread around the world. also has a couple of challenges in bringing in more subscribers. First, there is no free content that might help to entice users to subscribe. They have a strict pay-wall. Another challenge is that an annual subscription to the FT is expensive.

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