German newspaper house Siegener Zeitung as first GEOMAN e:line user

Siegener Zeitung, founded in 1823, is the first newspaper house to start production with a new GEOMAN e:line. The press was designed to the newspaper’s individual needs and economics. With numerous configurations available, the GEOMAN e:line can be upgraded and retrofitted at a later stage. This allows manroland Goss to offer its customers long-term, flexible and future-proof solutions. GEOMAN e:line series was developed with a special focus on profitability: Short make-ready times and efficient inline control systems for automated quality control during production make the press ideal for medium-sized publisher like Siegener Zeitung.

Furthermore, the GEOMAN e:line is characterised by low overall investment costs and low operating expenses during its long lifespan. With its high-quality cold-set inking units and folding performance, GEOMAN e:line stands for excellent production quality and reliability. Besides an attractive price-to-performance ratio, GEOMAN e:line’s customised equipment configuration is of paramount value to The Siegener Zeitung. Having a flexible printing press that can meet all requirements is particularly important, especially when producing 4 local editions 6 days a week with a daily circulation of up to 50,000 copies. The newspapers Siegerländer and Sauerländer Wochenanzeiger run twice a week from the operation at The Siegener Zeitung, with a total weekly circulation of 370,000 copies.

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