Hindustan Times replaces Interbus Loop on its manroland COLORMAN press

Leading English daily Hindustan Times from HT Media has been a long-term partner of manroland GOSS web systems. The newspaper has recently undertaken replacement of Interbus Loop on its COLORMAN press in its production plant. The replacement involved a complete exchange of the obsolete parts with new software and electronics.

The replacement of Interbus Loop on the 12 years old manroland COLORMAN press at the production plant of Hindustan Times has upgraded the old parts with new software and electronics featuring fresh tools like a more detailed error description, which is designed for faster and more precise troubleshooting. The new benefits provided by these more sophisticated sensors and automation innovations are unbeatable for the everyday tight production slots of daily newspapers like Hindustan Times printed in high volume.

Hindustan Times’ necessary investment in the contemporary manroland technology was the basic precondition required to ensure at least 7-10 more years of secure production, at a fraction of the cost of a new acquisition. In this respect, Daniel Popp, Service Manager India at manroland GOSS web systems said the retrofits of the controls and operating elements are particularly popular currently among the users of manroland newspaper presses.

The electronics and the connected sensors and software or operating elements in the Interbus Loop are currently subject to much faster technological change than earlier. Thankfully it would appear that this does not affect the mechanical components, which have been designed for decades of continuous load. In order to make sure that their customers can further benefit from these durable materials, manroland GOSS web systems has developed retrofit packages, especially for these requirements.

The spare parts, which were left over after the replacement of the Interbus Loop on the manroland press at Hindustan Times, were not scrapped but rather can be stored for usage on other printing presses in the newspaper’s production plant. The new system is designed to link all sensors and actuators directly with one computer. Any possible faults, such as faulty component, can therefore be precisely located and exchanged without major production delays. Additionally, this improves the diagnosis possibilities of remote diagnostics tool TSC (Tele Support Center) in manroland web presses.

In close coordination with Hindustan Times, the whole retrofitting process was completed within two weeks without any interference of the newspaper’s nightly productions. Daniel Popp mentioned that the new technology was installed by manroland GOSS web systems parallel to the existing system, then tested and commissioned after approval by the customer.

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