IFRA World Publishing Expo 2018 to highlight next level business for publishers and content strategists

Presenting a high-caliber and international female panel for discussion over ‘Women in Tech’

News and content generate business! This will be a major focus at IFRA World Publishing Expo 2018 and parallel DCX Digital Content Expo, which are scheduled from October 9-11 at Berlin, Germany. Successful print strategies will also be highlighted at the event known for being a global meeting point for publishing community. On other side, key focus at DCX will be on digital trends as a stand-alone platform, which is where decision-makers as well as content strategists outside the publishing world learn how to produce, distribute and monetise content in every form faster and effective.

IFRA World Publishing Expo 2018

IFRA World Publishing Expo 2018, which will mark the 48th edition of the global publishing community, is expected to have more than 100 speakers from 100 countries with over 5000 visitors across the globe.

Since its inception in 1970 till present day, the IFRA World Publishing Expo remains the must-attend global annual event for newspaper and news media executives. Exhibitors at the event include innovative suppliers to the publishing industry who present solutions and products that help boost efficiency, lower costs and increase margins. At the expo, there will be presentations on key trends and experts discussing the hottest topics in news publishing.

And the new DCX Digital Content Expo, held concurrently with IFRA World Publishing Expo, presents ideas and solutions for content creation and distribution over mobile, social, online and new emerging digital platforms. The combination of an international marketplace and a high-quality conference programme makes IFRA World Publishing Expo and DCX Digital Content Expo the place to be for media companies and digital publishers.

At the IFRA World Publishing Expo 2018, the opening will be with the session ‘Print Engages Readers’ with keynote speaker Neil Thurman, Ludwig-Maximilians-University (Munich), who will look at the time print and online audiences spend reading newspaper brands on the topic ‘Audiences, Attention, and the Persistent Power of Print’.

In the next session, speaker Mike Follet, Ipsos Connect, University of Oxford (Harrow), will talk on the topic ‘The Findings of Ipsos Connect on Reader Engagement’. Andrew Green, Global Head of Audience Solutions, IPSOS and Martin Schwarz, Head of Digital Products and Digital Media, WEKA Industrie Medien, will be the key speakers in the successive session on ‘Things That Digital Media Makers Can Learn from Print.’

In the follow-up, there will be CEO Panel on Printing with panelists: Claus Bolza-Schünemann, Chairman, Koenig & Bauer AG; Alexander Wassermann, manroland web systems, with moderator Manfred Werfel, Deputy CEO, WAN-IFRA and co-moderator Mary van Meter, Publisher at Newspapers & Technology. CONPT- Japan World Press Trends Seminar will be the next session conducted by Manfred Werfel.

Business Models in Print

This is another key session in which Max Garrido, Managing Director, Corporacion Bermont (Spain), will talk on the topic Independent Newspaper Printing Companies. A Fully Market Orientated Business Model. Max will share the experience of an independent printing company that has become the largest newspaper printing group in Spain. Christian Wilms, CEO, Magazine Publisher (Germany), will take on the topic ‘A Snapshot of Changing Indian News Media Industry Past 3 Years’. In this respect, yet another session will be on ‘How Indian Media is Coping with the Above’ with speaker DD Purkayastha, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of ABP Pvt Ltd.

Innovations in Print

In this session, keynote speaker Eva Fauth, Editorial and Project Manager, VRM GmbH & Co, will speak about establishing a successful newspaper for children. Claudia Mika, Leitung Planungsservice, ZMG – Zeitungs Marketing GmbH & Co. KG, will be the next speaker in the session titled ‘The Importance of Innovative Advertising’. Josef Schießl, Senior VP (Marketing), Süddeutscher Verlag Zeitungsdruck GmbH, will take on the topic ‘Manufacturing spare parts in 3D printing’ with moderator Mechthild Schimpf, who is responsible for all WAN-IFRA activities in the Middle East countries.

Sustainability of Print

Tim Barker, Director, Truffula Ltd, will speak in this session focusing on sustainability of the printed newspapers. His presentation will look at the sustainability attributes of newspapers and discusses what those in the sector are doing to address their environmental impacts. In the follow-up session, Martyn Eustace, Managing Director, Two Sides Limited, will talk on the topic ‘How Two Sides Can Assist Newspaper Publishers’. Hanna Pihkola, Research Scientist, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, will narrate about sustainability of newspapers and media – from carbon footprint to comprehensive sustainability assessment

Newsprint – Trends and Topical Issues

Anu Ahola, Senior Vice President responsible for SBU News & Retail, UPM Communication Papers, will talk about the changing trend in newsprint demands across the world. Another session in the follow-up will be on ‘News About Newsprint’ in which Prabhu Natrajan, Project Manager, International Color Quality Club, will talk about the newspaper paper, with the presentation of the WAN-IFRA report Lower Grammage Newsprint. In this context Thomas Isaksen, CEO, Danish Press, will talk on the topic ‘How the Danish Newspapers Changed to 40 gsm.

In the next session, Nigel Wells, Managing Director, icmPrint, Paris (France), will talk with the topic ‘Optimised Paper Handling and Logistics, New Print Edition’. ‘Consistent High-Quality Printing’ will be the another session to be conducted by TK Suresh, Chief General Manager-Operations, Jagati Publications Ltd. B. Gouri Sankar, General Manager-Quality and Prepress, Jagati Publications Ltd, will also talk about ‘Consistent High-Quality Printing’ with reference to achieving consistent Hi-Quality printing across all 22 print locations of Jagati Publications.

Sessions at DCX

On the other side at DCX Digital Content Expo 2018, there will be some key sessions on digital trends with industry stalwarts talking about distribution and monetization models for faster and effective audience connection. Hans Diegruber, CEO, B2B Insider GmbH, will talk about progressive revenue stream for publishers: Monetization Through Whitepaper and Retargeting Networks. He will explain the value of whitepapers and retargeting measures. Thomas Wolf, Geschäftsführer, DSXN GmbH, will take on the topic ‘Editorial & Distribution Monetisation, Payment & Advertising.’

Women in Tech

Though media makers and newspapers worldwide report about and for a diverse society, a good gender balance is not yet a matter of course – neither in storytelling nor in the composition of the workforce. In this respect, DCX Expos will address the lower representation of women, especially in the technical departments of news providers.

A key panel discussion on ‘Women in Tech’ will be a spotlighted session in which Bailey Evans, Technical Operations, The New York Times will be coordinator with panellists comprising Ariane Bernard, Chief Digital Officer, Le Parisien; Cindy Taibi, CIO, The New York Times; Fiona Campbell, Director of Digital, BBC News; Dheerja Kaur, Head of Product, The Skimm; and Carolyn Wakulchik, Tech Ladies and Instructional Design & Content Manager, Uber.

At The New York Times, they state that ‘building a diverse and inclusive workplace is essential to our mission. It enriches our report, because journalists with diverse backgrounds reflect the society we cover. As noted in our Diversity Report, many of the numbers are moving in the right direction — though not far enough or fast enough. However, there is evidence that our efforts are already paying off.’ In the ‘Women in Tech’ session, female media leaders from the technical and digital fields will pick up the thread. They will discuss strategies, benefits and difficulties of driving up the representation of women in the workplace.

Magazine Publishing

In this session, James Hewes, President & CEO, FIPP, will talk about ‘Trends and Challenges in Magazine Publishing.’ Further, Nikolay Malyarov, President & CEO, Pressreader, will narrate how to transform the publisher-reader-brand tug of war into a trinity of trust. In the follow-up session, Dr Hauke Berndt, Geschäftsführer/Managing Director, ppi Media GmbH, will talk about five ways to boost your digital business now! The presentation will aim at publishers and media houses wanting to make sure that their digital business fields are future-proof, while at the same time optimizing their traditional print business. In the follow-up, Stephan Heinrich, Berater, stephanheinrich.com, will be the key speaker in the session titled ‘Content Services and Content Marketing Stage’.

AI Revolution

Content Intelligence – How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Revolutionizing the Work of Marketing Managers: this is the presentation in you will learn what AI nowadays does and does not do and where AI supports the tasks of the marketing manager. Juliette Pauthe, Head of Content, PlayPlay, will be the key speaker taking on 10 Tips to produce great Digital Videos (and why you should produce more!). Video should be at the heart of your content strategy: users love it, algorithms love it and advertisers too!

Business Opportunities in a Digital World

The digital era requires new methods and the challenges facing the sector make necessary in-depth adjustments. Protecmedia, in association with Oracle Digital will present Trends impacting the way Newsrooms work, and new business opportunities to manage new revenues while boosting current revenues. With the topic ‘Analytics & Automatisation Management Tools’, keynote speaker in this session will be Mag David Böhm, CEO, Newsadoo.com.

Another speaker Nicholas Martin, CEO, MagLoft Pte Ltd, will discuss with the topic ‘Consolidate Your Digital Assets in Engaging Native Apps to Increase User Engagement and Traction’. On this, he will narrate about native apps for digital publications for powerful addition to your distribution strategy when implemented correctly. He will talk how apps can be used for more than just publishing a monthly edition.

Audience engagement & Monetization

‘Engage & Monetize Audiences with Interactive Content: Lessons Learned from 20 European Publishers’—in this session, more than 100 media brands in Europe will be highlighted with their practice of using interactive content to engage with their audience and collect and segment data, fully integrated with their SSO, DMP and marketing automation. Olivier Simonis, co-founder and CEO of Qualifio, will present concrete success stories from publishers across Europe. In addition, Juan Señor, President, Innovation, London (UK), will narrate digital innovative trends with the topic ‘Innovations in Newspapers and Magazines.’

Setting Your Stories Free

Today’s news consumers demand more than a good article. They want immersive experiences. Learn how to release a new creative potential in your news storytelling. By using a different kind of story anatomy and new technology, you can create stories that will move and engage your digital audience. In this session, with topic ‘Content Creation & Production Editorial & Distribution’ Dr Ulrich Kampffmeyer, Managing Director, Project Consult, Unternehmensberatung GmbH, will narrate the trend with references and examples.

Publishers Need to Learn From e-commerce Players

What do Amazon and news publishers have in common? What are the differences between Amazon and publishers? Thomas Wolf takes you on a journey into the digital ecosystem of the publishing world and shows how publishers can retain and shape their data sovereignty to use it for their own and independent. In this session, with the topic ‘Editorial & Distribution Monetisation, Payment & Advertising’ Dr Olaf Holst, Chief Technology Evangelist, Optimal Systems, will talk about Content Services and Content Marketing Stage. He will narrate the way to build a strategy to migrate existing solutions from on premise scenarios to cloud or hybrid cloud scenarios.

Multi-channel Platform

Philippe Bindels, CEO, Romulus SA, Luc Debliquis CTO, Pimalion (Romulus) and Rémy Marchal, Project Manager, Pimalion (Romulus), will be the key speakers in this session. Pimalion team will present the company’s publishing platform and will demonstrate how easy it is to manage marketing data and create a publication with it. Some technical point will also be discussed to explain the technology like AI ML that makes the platform so powerful.

Native Advertising

In this session, Jesper Laursen, CEO & Founder, Native Advertising Institute (Copenhagen), will be the keynote speaker. Native Advertising Institute is dedicated to help marketers become successful with native advertising. In the follow-up, Olaf Wolff, Mitglied im Vorstand des CMF, Managing Director, PublicisPixelpark München, will talk about content services and content marketing stage.

There are many other sessions at DCX Digital Content Expo 2018 bringing innovations that sweep across the digital landscape. These innovations complement the changing outlook of printed medium.

Print Innovation Awards

Innovations in the publishing industry are not confined to the digital sector, but are also to be found in print. In order to demonstrate this even more strongly to a wider public worldwide, the World Printers Forum has now launched the Print Innovation Awards. On the sidelines of IFRA World Publishing Expo 2018, World Printers Forum will present ‘Print Innovation Awards’. The prize for innovations of newspapers and magazines will be presented on the first exhibition day of the expo.

‘Print Innovation Awards’ competition honours the most highly innovative print ads as well as newspaper and magazine publishers’ products worldwide and is open to newspaper and magazine publishers as well as advertisers or advertising agencies. The awards will be presented in two categories: i) Innovative print advertising, including print-online ads or multi-channel ads; ii) Innovative print products, new or newly designed products.

A jury of international experts evaluates the submitted products. Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes are awarded in each category. Outstanding products receive international recognition – at the stage of the IFRA World Publishing Expo, in a special brochure and at international events. Successful case studies will also be presented at the World Printers Forum Conference 2019.

“Innovation as strategy creates new wealth producing potential for publishers and further enhances the Power of Print. The Print Innovation contest is a great platform to synergise this effort and learn from each other,” emphasised Sanat Hazra, Technical Director at Bennett, Coleman & Co (The Times of India Group) (Mumbai).

Expo booths

Alongside the twin expo, there will be an exhibition of products and technologies to be executed by more than 180 exhibitors. This exhibition helps those looking for suppliers or partners, driving their business to a new level. This is a chance for visitors to talk to technology providers from all over the world.

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