Indian newspaper houses increasingly adopting TKS 4×1 web press

The Indian printed newspapers, unlike their overseas counterparts, are quite vibrant and gaining momentum of growth. This growth is triggered by various factors, which include the increasing adoptions of high-end presses. Leading newspaper houses in the country keep scaling up their production volumes and quality by adopting TKS 4×1 double-width, single-circumference, shaftless tower web offset presses.

TKS 4×1 COLOR TOP 5000/5100 UDI press is designed in a more space-saving design suitably for the growing Indian printed newspaper market. The press is defined to be a workhorse with ‘minimum cost and maximum productivity’ and it’s the proven answer to the question: ‘How do we minimise cost and enhance productivity?’

TKS 4×1 COLOR TOP 5000/5100 UDI press runs at 75,000/80,000 cph in excellent print quality with drastic reduction in make-ready time and plate consumption. Other reductions include cost of materials for plate making, power consumption and press footprint. The press utilises 1:1 plate-to-blanket ratio and narrow gaps lockups in the plate and blanket cylinders. Any conventional blanket can be used in TKS 4×1. The press uses standard full bearer-to-bearer contact system that helps maintain the rotational accuracy of the plate cylinder during high speed operation and a narrow gap system, which is designed to minimise vibrations causing motions of the printing cylinder. The shaftless tower presses are available in classic as well as 90 degree reel stand configurations as per the customer’s preference or requirement.

TKS 4×1 press is equipped with a small, lightweight and highly efficient drive motor, which operates at the lowest possible power level. Since the shaftless mechanism of the press allows a unit-by-unit changing of plates and blankets, the setup time has been greatly reduced. The press provides an arch space that is as large as the existing 4×2 press, allowing unobstructed operation. After all, TKS 4×1 COLOR TOP 5000/5100 UDI is an environment-friendly press because of its remarkable power-saving capability that minimises carbon dioxide emission.

The RTP in the press is a box frame style which is complete with all of the controls mounted on the reel. Its advantages include high reliability, operating efficiencies, improved use of space, concrete table design, shortened installation time and others. Maintaining accuracy consistently from low to high speeds, 2:3:3 TKS Jaw Folder exhibits high stability over a wide range product page counts. The jaw opening, lap and pin release timing are adjustable on-the-fly during operation. Another aspect that reduces make-ready time is its fully-automated web lead operation from the reel stand to the folder.

So far, 42 TKS 4x towers have been installed all over India. Some big old Indian newspaper houses which have adopted TKS presses include Hindustan Times in Delhi-NCR and various printing locations of Mathrubhumi in Kerala. The Times of India also chose TKS press for their new plant near Delhi and is now installed & commissioned. All these presses are supported by the excellent service setup in India.

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