INMA report reveals jobs in newsrooms keys to Gen-Z

To engage the next generation of news readers, it’s critical for news media companies to learn not just how to deliver the news Gen-Z is looking for, but to deliver it on the platforms where they live while ensuring they’re represented in the newsroom, according to a report released by the International News Media Association (INMA). What Gen-Z + Media Need From Each Other explores: How and why platforms matter; Engaging and retaining Gen-Z; and Gen-Z in the newsroom. The new report shares what research shows about Gen-Z and explains what that means for news media companies. Using six case studies from around the world, and drawing on research from the Reuters Institute, Pew Research Center, and Borrell Associates in the United States, the report looks at what companies are doing to connect with Gen-Z, explains how it’s working, and shares what they have planned to continue attracting this important audience segment. Written by INMA Ideas Blog Editor Paula Felps, ‘What Gen-Z + Media Need From Each Other’ details three key takeaways in engaging

Gen-Z—1. Social media via their phone is a Zoomer’s preferred platform for news; 2. This generation seeks authenticity and avoids crisis coverage; and 3. Engaging this generation means hiring them. As Gen-Z enters adulthood and becomes the next generation of news consumers, the old playbook needs to be rewritten for a digital-first world, according to the INMA report.a

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