IST Metz leads the way in providing UV ink curing systems for newspapers in India

With its India partner NEWSTECH, German UV curing solutions expert IST Metz has emerged as the leading supplier of UV curing systems for high-speed web offset presses across India. The company boasts 18 systems in operation on double-wide and single-wide web presses at the production plants of many leading Indian newspapers, such as The Times of India, Hindustan Times, Anandabazar Patrika and Bartaman.

IST Metz marked its entry into the Indian market in 2015 through its partner NEWSTECH. Since then the company has been supplying whole range of UV curing equipments to the country’s leading newspaper houses. The range of IST Metz UV curing equipment for web offset newspaper presses includes LAMPcure (Lamps) for Conventional & LE-UV inks and LEDcure (LED’s) for LED-UV inks.

UV drying systems from IST Metz now equipped in newspaper printing presses redefine the need of new technology in successful production enhancement. The advantage of using UV technology in newspaper printing is exemplified by the start up of several UV presses running innovative production in several newspaper houses. The new possibilities of UV technology lead to the general opinion that UV curing is an added advantage to boost revenue. Under certain circumstances it can be an investment with a quick ROI.

MBS-5L air-cooled system for singlewide presses
MBS-5L air-cooled system for singlewide presses

Some advantages that UV curing technology brings to newspaper printing are: immediate drying, high density; inline printing of advertising; printing of covers on coated stock; printing on SC/LWC-qualities; pre-production of inserts; interesting commercials; and value addition to existing products. Moreover, with UV technology, parts can be cured in fractions of a second. Hence immediate processing is possible. The coating units are compact and very energy-efficient because of the short curing times.

Air-cooled and water-cooled systems

MBS-5L air-cooled system from IST Metz is an air-cooled UV curing system for industrial applications. This air-cooled UV curing system for singlewide presses represents a powerful UV unit with a lamp length of 550 to 1100 mm. The integrated URS technology in the system provides optimum adaptation of reflector geometry and reflection properties to the production process. With a lamp output of up to 200 W/cm, these effective reflectors allow the production speeds that are normal in this market segment. They can easily be replaced if the curing result can be improved by a different reflector geometry or coating for specific print jobs.

BLK7 water-cooled system for doublewide presses
BLK7 water-cooled system for doublewide presses

The system’s adaptation of reflector properties to the application is unique in the industry. Its electronic power control enables the UV lamps to be dimmed over a range of 30 to 100 percent. Voltage fluctuations are compensated by means of a well-engineered power supply unit technology and the high efficiency results in considerable energy savings. Similarly, BLK7 water-cooled system from IST Metz is designed for doublewide presses.

To make the systems easily available to the Indian customers, NEWSTECH is offering the systems for local purchase, with full responsibility of sales, installation, after sales service and spares. For more details, contact Roy Alex, Managing Director, Newstech (India) Pvt Ltd at: or 9820023954.

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