KBA offers inventory management and batch tracking via smartphone

The Rapida LiveApp with its info panel and maintenance manager functionalities has been on the market for around a year. Moving ahead, it is now to be expanded with the so-called ProductionApp as an indispensable assistant in the production environment. The following situation arises at some point in every print company: a necessary consumable such as an anti-foaming agent or washing solvent has run out. The stores are empty because a helper on a previous shift took the last bottle or container but neglected to mention this to anyone. KBA has taken up the challenge of avoiding such annoying circumstances and has developed the ProductionApp as a powerful inventory management and batch tracking tool for use on mobile Android devices. The first practical users are already full of praise for the ProductionApp.

The ProductionApp workflow begins in the stores. The storage locations for the various consumables such as inks, coatings, blankets or powder are provided with an NFC tag. Within the app, subsequently, storage location tags can be assigned to any chosen article. The app then saves these assignments. During an inventory check or after receiving a new consignment, the relevant article data are displayed for an individual storage location. The storeman can then compare the displayed quantities which those actually present.

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