Kielometer app in cooperation with ppi Media

In cooperation with ppi Media, the digital agency wigital from Kiel has published the kielometer app for both Android and iOS. It features hundreds of offers for restaurants in and around the state capital. kielometer started as a web platform and wigital has passionately maintained its editorial components. showcases restaurants, bars, cafes, and pubs but also offers current information on different locations in Kiel.

The innovative cooperation project began in 2018 and was enhanced through the memberships both partners hold in the Association for Digital Economy Schleswig-Holstein. Both parties complete

each other’s digital competencies perfectly. Extensive know-how for software developments thus meets concentrated online marketing experience paired with a comprehensive data bank. ppi and wigital are looking to further expand their cooperation in the future. Joining forces with additional partners, they want to work toward their vision of a smart mobile platform for all of Kiel and Schleswig-Holstein. The popular internet platform for all things gastronomy in Kiel is now available as a practical smartphone app.

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