New mobile MainPad maintenance tablet from manroland GOSS web systems

manroland Goss web systems has announced a new mobile MainPad maintenance tablet. Together with the development partner XITASO, the Augsburg-based world market leader in web offset printing introduced its new product. With its Maintellisense automation strategy, manroland Goss web systems pursues the aim of providing intelligent machines in the near future. This aim requires a central hub for all the relevant information – with the mobile maintenance pad, MainPad, fulfilling exactly this function.

How can the time between the occurrence of a malfunction and troubleshooting on complex systems be reduced? To this end, the MainPad offers numerous features – reading and acknowledging all alarm messages at the place of the malfunction, direct access to all necessary documentations and drawings, direct and fast connection to the TeleSupportCenter (TSC) via ‘remote support calls’ and direct video communication with the TSC as well as the fast transmission of documents between technicians on site and the TSC – everything directly on the machine, i.e. at the place of the malfunction.

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