Norwegian publisher Amedia strengthens local news offering

Amedia, Norway’s largest publisher of local news titles, reaches about two million daily readers, of which 660,000 are paying subscribers. The company launched its new and improved digital multi-subscription offering, +Alt, in May 2020 with the goal of acquiring 50,000 paying users.

Within eight months of the launch, Amedia had surpassed its target and acquired 120,000 paying subscribers, becoming the country’s third largest news subscription company.

The company launched +Alt as an upsell to its existing customer base, encouraging them to pay a premium to gain access. Of the 120,000 subscribers, 86,000 were new users, and 34,000 of them were existing customers who upgraded their subscription plans. Amedia employs about 1,000 journalists and produces more than 1,000 daily articles with an aim to make journalism accessible to everyone with a “Spotify-for-news” model.

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