PRAKASH Web Offset announces Turner Bars that save space

Custom press installation using Turner Bars from PRAKASH Web Offset, one of India’s leading web offset manufacturers based in Faridabad, saves tremendous space. Here is the process of custom press installation using turner bars: The automatic reel changer (ARC) or reel stand (RS) are conventionally placed along the length of the press in line with the movement of the paper in a web press. Turner bars are used when ARC or RS are required to be placed at 90 degree to the press thereby saving space.

The main advantage of having a turner bar arrangement is that there is space saving in press length as the ARC or RS being perpendicular to the web printing press.

Turner Bars are installed as per site requirements. Turner Bar rollers are made of tubular steel with hard chrome plating. To aid the smooth flow of paper while the press is in operation air blowers are provided. Advantages of Turner Bars include that the bars save at least space up to 30 percent on the complete press line length. It will be custom solution as per site requirements and can be put before printing (entry) or after printing (exit) of the printing tower. Bars are tubular steel with bell mouth air holes, ground, polished and hard chrome plated. Air blow creates an air film assist to the bar. The rollers are statically and dynamically balanced. Air for flotation requires 5 CFM per 100mm web width at 1-1.5 ft depending on web tension requirement. Fan blowers mounted on Turner Bars are supplied as part of the installation.

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