Print ad space in India grew five times in May 2022 over May 2020

Latest AdEx report by TAM, the overall ad space in print in India had increased by five times in May 2022 as compared to May 2020 and three times compared to May 2021. The report found that ad space in print increased in all weeks of May 2022 compared to the same weeks of May 2021, with the highest growth occurring in week 1 of May 2022.

AdEx India, the AIS (Advertising Information System) division of TAM Media Research, is the country’s central and neutral advertising monitoring and information powerhouse. According to the report from the market research firm, there were more than 120 new categories of brands, 17,900 new advertisers and 21,400 new brands that contributed to the growth in print advertising during May 2022.

Coaching/Competitive Exam Centres was the top category in May of both years (2020 and 2021) with 5 percent share followed by Jewellery Retailers in May 2022. The Top 10 categories had 34 percent share of ad space in May 2022 and 6 new categories entered the top 10 list in May 2022. Refrigerator was the top new category followed by Events-Interiors/Home/Kitchen in May 2022 over May 2021.

Further, top 10 advertisers added 17 percent share of ad space in print during May 2022. SBS Biotech was the top advertiser during both months in May 2022 and May 2021 in print. The tally of categories, advertisers and brands grew by 12 percent, 79 percent and 86 percent respectively during May 2022 compared to May 2021.

Tally of Categories grew by 12 percent, Advertisers by 79 percent and Brands by 86 percent during May 2022 compared to May 2021.

Among the Top 10 Advertisers on print, SBS Biotech topped during May 2022 and May 2021. Titan Company had highest positive rank shift to enter the Top 10 list and 3 new advertisers entered top list during May2022 over May 2021. Top 10 advertisers added 17 percent share of Ad Space during May 2022.

LIC-IPO was the top brand followed by AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds in India) in print during May 2022. Seven of the Top 10 brands were exclusive in May 2022 compared to May 2021.Top 10 brands grabbed 9 percent share of Ad Space in May 2022.

More than 120 new categories, 17.9 K plus new advertisers and 21.4 K plus new brands were seen in May 2022 over May 2021. Refrigerator was the top new category followed by Events-Interiors/Home/Kitchen; Patanjali Ayurved was the top new advertiser followed by Ruchi Soya Industries.

Egyptian media group Nahdet Misr opts for long-term maintenance and service contract with manroland Goss

After two successful press relocations for the Egyptian publishing and media group Nahdet Misr Publishing Group (Nahdet Misr), the book printing specialist is solidifying its relationship with manroland Goss in terms of maintenance and service. Over the next three years, a comprehensive service package will provide Nahdet Misr with preventive maintenance and inspection service, inclusive optimum spare parts supply, and rapid expert emergency telephone support. The reliability and expertise of manroland Goss is very convincing. “Our complex printing presses are designed for high-performance. Continuous maintenance, upgrades and potential analyses are essential to ensure that this performance is consistently and reliably available during ongoing production,” explains Andreas Eichhorn, Deputy Vice President International, Middle East, Egypt, Central Asia, China, Southeast Asia, at manroland Goss. He adds, “This service package marks a milestone in this region. It is the result of a close and trusting partnership that we are steadily intensifying since the relocation projects of the two LITHOMAN plants.” In the future Nahdet Misr will benefit from prioritised technical emergency support through the enhanced contractual partnership, e.g. in cases of unplanned machine downtimes.

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