QIPC-EAE India marks its first successful entry into rotary press market

Q.I. Press Controls- Engineering Automation Electronics (QIPC EAE) India has put their first steps in a new segment, that of the rotary press market. The company introduces retrofit solutions for rotary presses—RIS 1000 Series Remote Ink Control.

The newly developed and updated RIS 1000 Series Remote Ink Control system from QIPC-EAE India is one of the most advanced open fountain solution controls in the market today. It can be installed on the inking system of all different type of presses. QIPC EAE India can retrofit the existing ink system on the press. Their in-house development team can design custom fit solutions for each press profile.

First customer

QIPC-EAE India has marked the foray into the segment with successful delivery of the newly launched Remote Ink Zone Motor Controls to Ajola Print Well Papers Pvt Ltd in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The company has replaced its Dutch made narrow width rotary printing press ink zone control system with the new system from QIPC EAE India.

The investment in the new motor control system allows Ajola Print Well Papers to operate the system centrally. RIS 1000 controls both ink and dampening to minimise water and ink consumption in order to obtain better print quality. RIS 1000 MCCP –Micro Colour Control Preset acts as a bridge between the prepress system and the RIS 1000 Remote Ink Control System. The CIP3/CIP4 or tiff files generated by the pre-press system are automatically used to set the ink fountains.

Future restoration

In RIS1000, the job can easily be saved for future repeat productions. Such feature in the system helps to restore the set values of the ink fountains. These additional cost-saving benefits will increase the return on investment for Ajola Print Well Papers.

In addition, there are other benefits like, paper and ink saving, reduced make-ready time, reduction of manpower and reaching a high-quality printed product in a shorter time. The inking system controls is custom designed and developed as per the requirements of Ajola Print Well Papers by QIPC-EAE India.

Ajola Print Well Papers is now ready for a further up-grade with IDS closed loop colour control. With IDS, they will be able to control colour, dampening, register and also have fault detection.

QIPC develops and delivers innovative, high-quality optical measure and control systems. The company is globally active in the newspaper and magazine printing industry. Its total solutions are supported by a worldwide service network. The reliable QIPC systems are proven in the market of existing and new printing presses and offer its customers structural better results.

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