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A new paradigm shift has been ushered in the newspaper printing market of India, as many small and medium size newspaper and commercial printing houses in the country have aggressively been taking up tasks of newspaper printing. This article finds out some printing houses churning leading newspaper titles and magazines in a profitable and sustainable way.

The practice of outsourcing printing of contract printing in India and aboard has been around the newspaper printing market for some time. Such practice safes not only cost but also time and labour for those newspaper houses outsourcing their printing to third party printing firms or newspaper houses. Let’s take up some examples here—The Jaipur edition of The Times of India is printing at Jagaran Prakashan, which owns a state-of-the-art printing facility in the city. Similarly, in a bigger way, The Indian Express in Lucknow is known for printing more than 20 newspaper titles.

The Lucknow production facility of The Indian Express has recently been upgraded with the installation of a new brand new 4Hi tower PRESSLIEN PRIMA-36. The new PRESSLINE press is one of the widely demanded models in the market, and it is versatile enough of churn a wide range of quality newspapers at the maximum speed of 36,000 cph. All blanket circumferential and lateral controls on all plate cylinders in the press are motorised.

PRESSLINE PRIMA-36 is designed with heavy and wider side frames with pneumatic ‘on/off’ controls and spheroidal gray (SG) iron sleeves. Optional features available in the PRESSLINE PRIMA-36 include 12 web capacity, remote inking/CIP-3, spray dampening, blanket wash, shaft-less drive, automatic register controls, UV dryer(s), three form rollers (including one rider roller), motorised bustle wheels and reel rod blanket lock-up system. Such press helps The Indian Express take their outsourcing job to a new level.

Another prominent player in the league of contract business is Viani printing in Kochi, which prints Deccan Chronicle, The New Indian Express, Future Kerala, Mangalam and Vikasam Daily. Apart from newspapers, the contact printing house also prints 40 different magazine titles—mentionable among them are Malayalam Varika, Satyadeepam and Light of Truth. The production facility of the company is equipped with a line of versatile presses, among which is a PRESSLINE PRIMA press.

Yet another contact printer in Kochi, Cochin Printech is printer of a host of popular newspapers and magazines, namely, Metro Vaartha, Suprabhatam (magazine) and popular school guide Labour India. Emergence of new printing technologies and changes in trend in the market have been taking place over the years, all these co-operations give room for new opportunities and advantage in terms of business expansion and cost saving.

While cost-saving is turned out to be the main motive behind the overall activities of contact publishing. In addition, such practice is stemmed from the need to increase performance as well, in the ever changing market scenario of printed newspapers. As per the way that the

contract publishing is carrying out in the current newspaper market, everything is undergoing in a win-win situation for both sides.


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