The Times of India dethrones The Hindu in Chennai and The Telegraph in Kolkata

The Times of India has now become top English daily in six of India’s eight biggest metros and a strong second in the other two. The Indian Readership Survey 2017 has confirmed the newspaper has dethroned The Hindu in Chennai and The Telegraph in Kolkata as the most read paper. At an all-India level,

The Times of India’s (average issue readership) of 48 lakh is more than the combined reach (42 lakh) of the second and third biggest English dailies. In Greater Mumbai and Delhi-NCR, the newspaper’s combined readership of 21.4 lakh makes it the most read English daily. With 80 percent of all The Times of India readers nationally belonging to socio-economic category A, it caters to the cream of Indian society, reveals the IRS survey. After all, the IRS figures show English and language dailies have added 11 crore readers in the last three years.

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