Total readership of Mathrubhumi stands at 1.32 crore

According to the IRS Q2 2019, Mathrubhumi print publication achieved 27,000 growth in readership with a total of 1.32 crore readership in Total Readership (TR). The Malayalam newspaper continues to maintain its 11th position in TR of dailies in the country and is amongst the top 10 dailies as per Average Issue Readership (AIR). The regional daily has also reported high growth in IRS first quarter (IRS Q1) which was published earlier. It attains a top 5th position in terms of popularity, and has attained a high growth among youth, even in this digital era. The daily has also got an increase of 3 lakh readership in the socio economic class. After all, Mathrubhumi Arogyamasika continues to be No 1 in India’s Health Magazine list. Three of Mathrubhumi publications also come in top 10 among the Indian Regional Publications.

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