TSC appointed as agency of QIPC-EAE in North America and Caribbean

The Siebold Company (TSC) has been appointed as the authorised agency of QIPC-EAE in the Caribbean and Canada. TSC is in full of praise for QIPC’s state-of-the-art and register control systems and EAE’s press control systems. TSC has a prominent presence as a service provider in press equipment in the North American and Caribbean graphics market. It focuses in particular on newspaper and commercial printing and stands for total solutions for the industry.

QIPC-EAE’s mRC-3D and IDS-3D colour, cut and register control systems have proven their worth in practice for many years. The partnership is not only positive for TSC and its customers, it also gives QIPC-EAE the opportunity to expand its customer base. TSC expresses the same expectation. Over 10,000 QIPC’s state-of-the-art colour and register control cameras have been sold and there are more than 500 EAE-printing sites worldwide. The partnership will help QIPC-EAE significantly expand its customer base in the region where they operate.

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