Web Master offers best-in-class mid-volume production newspaper presses

When it comes to web offset presses designed for mid-volume production, Web Master is an authentic source of such presses. This Faridabad-based manufacturer of newspaper printing presses has been key supplier of their machines to a number of publishing companies in India and neighbouring countries like Bangladesh and Nepal. In conversation with All About Newspapers, Satish Kaushik, Managing Director, Web Master, talks about their flagship products and strong customer base.

Web Master offers complete portfolio of machines for newspaper printing and production. The newspaper presses in the portfolio are developed using advanced technologies and designs. “While developing our presses, we collaborate with a league of highly experienced engineers from abroad. Our aim is to offer complete and advanced web offset printing solutions that could meet every bit of requirement of our customers,” mentions Satish. He adds that around 250 Web Master towers are currently running in the production setups of various newspaper houses and publishing companies.

“Our presses are recognised by many publishing houses which engage in mid-volume production of newspapers, magazines and books. As a team, we have highly qualified engineers, technicians, a sales and service department. We keep on soliciting opinions from our clients from time to time regarding technologies, designs and after-sale service,” explains Satish, adding that their team of engineers and technicians attend their customers in the neighbouring countries like Nepal and Bangladesh.

Mono Unit

Designed with in-built reel stand that reduces web travel, Web Master printing unit delivers excellent print quality and saves space. The unit is also available in separate stack unit which can be mounted on reel stand, three-colour satellite unit or on similar unit to make it 2-Hi or 4-Hi presses for multi-colour printing on both sides.

“Some of the standard features of our unit include dynamically balanced hard chrome plated alloy steel cylinders as well as easy plate clamping system and automatic. The unit features swing-away type ink fountain for quick cleaning (key/lever type),” mentions Satish. “In addition, in order to ensure high-quality printing and longer life of the machine, all gears in the unit are hardened and grounded. Its side frames are rigid and of graded casting for vibration free performance at high speed,” he adds.

3-Colour Satellite

3-Colour Satellite offers extra option and capability of adding colours with the existing super units. When coupled with super stake unit, it offers four colours on one side with single on other side of the web. This stack unit has standard features such as key type swing down ink fountain, dynamically balanced solid blanket and plate cylinders. The unit features centralised oil pressure lubrication for drive gears. Also, it has heavy duty compensator. The plate cylinder in the system is with slot type plate lock-up system. With safety guards, the stack unit features manual lubrication system on operating side.

“Optional features of the stack unit include pneumatic off and on controls, brush mist dampening system, centralized grease lubrication for operating side bearing. There are clutches on either side of the 3-Colour Satellite. The unit features variable speed motorised dampening,” mentions Satish.

4-Hi Tower

Web Master 30000 4-Hi Tower can print 4×4 colours on both sides of one web or 2×2 colours on both sides of two webs or single colour on both sides of three webs. “This tower is configured either as manual and semi-automatic. The manual tower has centralised water circulation and greater roller of cylinder diameter. Its heavy duty timer belt drive is for 4 stack units,” explains Satish.

Capable to run 30,000 cph, the semi automatic 4-Hi Tower is featured with some standard features. The blanket and cylinder are mounted on dust proof, double row Timken tapered roller bearings for assuring true rolling and vibration free performance. The unit features dynamically-balanced hard chromium plated solid plate and blanket cylinder. On-the-run motorised adjustment of plate cylinder is designed for side lay register adjustment with calibrated movement of +/- 5mm.

Optional features of the Web Master 30000 include heavy duty compensator. Its hanging/pillar clutch is set on either side of 4-Hi. It features infra-red/electro-mechanical web brake detector. Grease lubrication is used for operating side bearings and bushes. The tower features solid stainless steel plate and blanket cylinders, water chilling system, air former and lever type ink fountain. “Our Web Master 30000 has been installed at around 10 newspaper sites around in India,” informs Satish.

Folder Range

Excel Folder with balloon former from Web Master is a heavy duty folder designed to achieve perfect folding upto 30000 cph on 1:2 jaw type principle. It features dynamically balance RTF Roller, Cutting Cylinder and Jaw Cylinder. There are slitter knife and perforator on the RTF Roller. On other hand, Web Master 30000 Super Folder is designed to fold 30,000 cph for half page fold. This folder can produce broadsheet and tabloid newspapers with optional attachment for magazine/quarter fold and double parallel fold (with cross slitting/perforation) for book production.

The design of Web Master 30000 folder is based on 2:1 principle with double nipping. Options available are quarter page folder, stacker, double parallel folder, cross perforator, pneumatic on and off on RTF, web under lead system, clutch on folder, cut-off control on folder for maximum tow webs, slitter or perforator on nipping rollers. The conveyor extensions are adjustable as per requirement. The folders are designed in a way that for every next cross fold speed comes down by about 20-25 percent. Likewise, Standard Folder 16000 is also a heavy duty folder designed to achieve perfect folding at 16,000 cph based on 1:2 jaw type principle.

Reel Stand

The Web Master Reel Stand is an integral part of the Mono Unit. However, freestanding and independent reel stands are also available. The stand is equipped with manually adjustable wooden brakes and a dancing roller with spring tension control. Optional features of the reel stand include URS (Unit Reel Stand), which is designed in shape of a unit to support the drive shaft, ensuring efficient power transmission.

It is also designed with pneumatic shafts and pneumatic reel lifters. In the portfolio is Vision plate punching and bending machine. In addition, Web Master Platinum Series is designed for book binding as it features feeder, gluer, quad stayer, spotter, box former and other features. The feeder is designed to achieve automatic delivery of wrap paper, cardboard, precision to suck one sheet per time and keep them without deviation during delivery time.

Client Base

Web Master boasts a long list of clients, which primarily include vernacular newspapers. “Our machines are popular in Nepal and Bangladesh. Lokendra Printing Press and Publisher, one of the popular publishers in Nepal, has recently started using a Web Master tower and planning to adopt more in near future. Some of the key customers of Web Master consist of Dainik Jagaran, Dainik Bhaskar, Jaipur Bureau, Metro Herald, Sarhad Kesri, among others.

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