Workshop on Leading an Integrated Multi-Platform Newsroom at Mumbai

WAN-IFRA has set to organise Workshop on Leading an Integrated Multi-Platform Newsroom from December 18-19, 2019 at Mumbai. The workshop is exclusively on leadership and editorial team in print and digital platform. In the digital age, newsrooms increasingly need every journalist to be able to create multimedia content for both legacy platforms like television, newspapers and magazines, and for online and social channels. Managing a multi-platform newsroom requires effective and strategic leadership, coupled with clear workflows and to support digital-first journalism that serves multiple channels and audiences efficiently and accurately. This intensive two-day workshop led by former BBC journalist Corinne Podger, will help attendees design and improve processes and workflows in newsroom to support multi-platform reporting and digital-first multimedia production.

On Day 1, the topic will be Building a Culture of Multiplatform Convergence: Challenges to convergence – newsroom culture; Challenges to convergence – design and product thinking; Challenges to convergence – newsroom leadership; Case studies of best practice – India and international; Strategies to build an integrated multi-platform newsroom mindset. On Day 2, the key topic will be Strategies to support multimedia production: Processes and workflow to support multiplatform publication; Specific considerations – digital first, social first, multi-language newsrooms; Getting the technology right: content management systems, apps, tools; Managing for skills acquisition – hiring policies and staff learning support; Strategies to remove newsroom silos – bridge roles, communication channels; Design thinking and product thinking; Managing for iterative innovation and many more. Corinne Podger, Director and Principal of The Digital Skills Agency, will be the workshop trainer.

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